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  1. takemorepills

    Unhinged rant about my Q60 that has me cynical about the new Z

    Warning, rant ahead. Those who want to enjoy their new Z, navigate away. Those wondering why we're still here and thirsty for negativity, read on..... Been waiting for a Z for years now. Yes, we can all say that. Years..... Meanwhile, I've been mostly enjoying my 2014 Q60 AWD. However, between...
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    Finally saw an Ariya today

    Finally saw an Ariya today. And if anybody knows my bitching over the last few years about how Nissan put the Airya ahead of the Z, well, for me that was true. I have not seen a Z yet, but I saw an Ariya first: Actually shocked to see one in real life!
  4. takemorepills

    Z quality likely to inherit some previous issues....

    Well, I feel like ranting. Because I am pissed at Nissan. No, not for the terrible Z rollout. Because my Q60 is turning in to a pile of shit, and I seriously doubt Nissan has addressed any of the issues these platform mates will likely share. Recently, my car became a fish tank. Recent rain...
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    Dealerships have no shame

    Almost beating a dead horse here, but... We all know how dealerships OPENLY will butt rape their customers..... won't even try to hide it anymore. In USA it's "adjusted market value" because fuck you, and on top of the AMV/ADM they'll even tack on a bunch of "options" that whoops, aren't so...
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    For the love of (preferred deity)!

    What the actual f**k Nissan.... This forum is freaking dead. I'm about to go into the "Hands up all the Aussies" thread and start some shit!
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    New Z makes a surprise appearance

    Around 23:00 the new Z drops in.....
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    Buying an older Japanese car.....

    I'm looking for opinions... I have a chance to buy a clean, all original 1990 CRX Si for a fairly good price. However, I am hesitant. Hesitations: - theft magnet. this problem is still serious to this day. - would need to be a fair weather car, must stay in garage. - parts. I did look around a...
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    Mercury Mistress

    Remember when cars had the gas filler behind the license plate?
  10. takemorepills

    Nissan sent out email about the new Z

    This morning I received an email from Nissan USA re-affirming the Spring 2022 arrival of the new Z. They also included a link to register for more info...
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    Complaint about the Z release

    Up until now, I have "bit my tongue" about how Nissan is handling the Z release. I am grateful the TT Z is coming back. I understand the challenges of production in a pandemic fearing world. However. I have just witnessed how other manufacturers handle roll-outs of new, exciting, long-awaited...
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    Hmm, about the VR30DDTT......

    I'm at the Infiniti dealership getting my Q60 serviced right now, and there's a Q50 on the lift with its engine removed. Turbos pulled off. Service rep says it's common issue on this engine. And, as we already know, an engine-out affair. Gonna start waffling about the new Z.
  13. takemorepills

    Petition Nissan to make available LCD cluster themes

    A few weeks back I posted on the other, less popular forum, that Nissan should make retro-themed (and maybe some other themes that are popular, like GTR?) graphics themes available for the new Z's LCD cluster: I did see that at least one person mentioned the idea on these forums, but I'd like...