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  1. TheGuverment

    Nismo Z vs Mustang Dark Horse vs GR Supra

    I typed that out several times and when I decided to post it, I fckd it up. I meant Toyota partially funded the I6 for Mazda.
  2. TheGuverment

    Nismo Z vs Mustang Dark Horse vs GR Supra

    The I6 for Mazda was partially funded by Toyota and is planned to be used in other products, so the investment makes sense. Same with Nissan, the VR30 is used in other Nissan products and (to my knowledge) the VR38 is just an upgraded VR30. Edited.
  3. TheGuverment

    New Toyota Land Cruiser teased

    Looks like a modern J80.
  4. TheGuverment

    2024 Nissan Z Nismo Revealed with 420 HP / 384 LB-FT + Auto Transmission Only

    This was expected, the Nismo has never been that much of a drastic performance difference from the regular Z.
  5. TheGuverment

    New NISMO Z Revealed in Drifting Video Ahead of Summer Launch!

    Cant wait to see the price and availability on this.
  6. TheGuverment

    BOULDER GRAY Nissan Z Color Pics & Club

    And I thought the 62k sport I saw was bad. 🤦🏾‍♂️
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    NissanZClub Markup Thread

    And I thought the 62k sport I saw was bad. 🤦🏾‍♂️
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    BMW recalls Supra (again)... Why didn't you by the Supra instead of the Z?

    Ill probably only see about 3-4 a month out here in Charlotte. At meets (I only mess with cars&coffee) there’ll be about 5-6 of them. It’s funny though how it’s changed from “lol nobody is buying those pos reskinned Z4’s, I never see them” to “I see them everywhere, they’re lame and played out now”.
  9. TheGuverment

    SOHO Motorsports single exit system for the Z

    From Cars&coffee this morning. First time seeing the Z up close and it looks great.
  10. TheGuverment

    For the love of (preferred deity)!

    Nissan forgot they even put out a new Z.
  11. TheGuverment

    Mazda Iconic SP concept

    Reposting this production render cause it’s beautiful.
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    Random Car News Thread

    Relating to that Mazda:
  13. TheGuverment

    2020 Toyota Supra makes world debut

    No words..
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    *** street racing ***

    Back when I was home, I used to run with a couple of guys on the west side. Cruise, meetup, everyone on the same page and chill. Two of the guys I use to run with now run Cars and Wings and Recharge Rally in Cleveland.
  15. TheGuverment

    *** street racing ***

    The cool thing now is to be out in open. Post everything on social media, tell on yourself etc. No more meeting down in the industrial area or the docks at 2AM, just meet at the intersection or freeway during rush hour. Cleveland. 🫡
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    Next-generation Subaru BRZ

    Man, Subaru is garbino. Their engines are oddly tuned/poorly built and their cars are generic as hell and lackluster. They need to just give it up already because it’s obvious there is no life or passion in that company at all. Subaru has been big rigor motis status since 2004. If it wasn’t for...