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  1. Locking Car after Closing Trunk

    In the 370z there was a smaller button on the trunk that locked the car. It looks like that's been removed on the new Z, so now you need to lock the car with your key after you close the trunk. Am I missing something?
  2. Seat Noise Issue 2024 Sport

    It seems most on the forum have the Performance trim so not sure if anyone's experienced this issue but randomly I hear a pop noise coming from the bottom of the seat, almost as if the seat is loose on the rail. Has anyone experienced this? Will have to bring it in to the dealer to take a look...
  3. Just Bought a 2024 Z Sport Trim

    Traded in my 2017 370z Sport 6 speed Manual (NISMO bumper conversion) for the new Z (Automatic) this weekend. The Sport trims are hard to find, I could only find 2 within a 500 mile range in Florida, and one of the dealers told me to pound sand when I told them I'm only looking to purchase at...