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  1. Beard

    Poor headlight performance

    Has anyone else got poorly preforming low beams? I can't see more than a few meters in front of me and when going 100km/h (60mph) it's kinda jarring that I won't see something non-reflective up ahead. Is there a way to adjust them to be higher? High beams are great though.
  2. Beard

    Dec '22 Proto hood paint damage

    FYI, Nissan is working on a warranty claim on my hood damaging the plastic panels behind it. The metal hood touches on both sides when opening. Might be worth keeping an eye out on yours as well. A paint shop is quoting tomorrow and they plan to lower the plastic panels to allow clearance. Car...
  3. Beard

    Reverse camera screen turning black

    Hello, Has anyone else experienced random black screen appearing while reversing? I reported it to Nissan on the first service and their response was that it couldn’t be replicated and could I please record the issue happening on my phone. Useless response in my opinion because how often am I...