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    FOR SALE: NISMO USA Carbon Fiber Engine Cover $450 OBO shipped

    Selling my NISMO carbon engine cover. It has only been on my Z for 1100 miles Reason I'm selling is it makes slight contact with my aftermarket strut tower bar/brace. It left a small 1 inch blemish on the cover when I was autocrossing as the brace flexed a bit. its very slight but I dont...
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    ADVANCE Time Attack RZ34

    Advance Time Attack RZ34 This Z out of Japan features 471HP from a ECU-Tek Tune. Alcon Calipers and Project Mu 390mm rotors with dedicated race pads. This Time Attack Z also uses a combination of Enkei GTC02 & Advan Neova AD09 wheels. One of the the big highlights of this build is a HPI...
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    2024 Z NISMO GT4

    The 2024 Z NISMO GT4 was doing some testing at Fuji speedway this week the unpainted lip and wing you are looking at is the use of plant based fibers as opposed to carbon or kevlar. This is something we also saw on last years GT4 Z. The biggest visual changes is the aero now mirrors the...
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    Unique 2024 Z PROTO announced for Middle East Markets

    "Providing driving enthusiasts with an added dose of thrill and excitement behind the wheel, Nissan introduced the new 2024 Z Proto in the Middle East. Joining the 2024 Nissan Z line-up as part of the brand's sports car offering in the region, the exclusive Z Proto is differentiated by its...
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    NISMO 40th Anniversary Heritage parts for S30 and R32

    NISMO unveiled its DOHC head for L-type engines for the first time in the world at Nostalgic 2 Days 2024 This was developed over several years to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the NISMO brand, which was established in 1984. By combining the originally SOHC L-type engine with a DOHC head...
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    NISMO 2024 Motorsports Announcement

    “Nissan has always walked hand in hand with motorsports. Only three years after its foundation, Nissan began in motorsports, and over the following 87 years has been competing in a variety of categories – honing skills and technologies. This year NISMO is celebrating its 40th anniversary," said...
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    Blitz Aero Speed R Concept Aero Parts

    JDM Pricing for newly released Blitz Aero Speed R Concept aero partsI think the spoiler extension is a very cool and would be a nice addition to even a stock Z. ●Front lip spoiler FRP 760/1240 $1700 Carbon Produces a low form while making use of the genuine lines of Z. Equipped with a dedicated...
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    Fujitsubo Exhaust for RZ34

    Fujitsubo released a video clip highlighting their 2024 product line up with a new clip of RZ34 exhaust. Exhaust is around $1400 and the front pipe is $460 Link to the Z specific section with sound clips
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    HKS Carbon engine bay dress up for the RZ34

    HKS Carbon engine dress up for the RZ34 ■HKS DRY CARBON ENGINE COVER for Fairlady Z price: ¥132,000 (tax included) Approx $893 USD ■HKS DRY CARBON FUSE BOX COVER for Fairlady Z price: ¥22,000 (tax included) Approx $149 ■HKS DRY CARBON RADIATOR COVER for Fairlady Z price: ¥55,000 (tax included)...
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    Results of Road and Track Performance Car of the Year featuring the Z NISMO Lap Times Dark Horse 1:22.5 M2 1:24.1 Z NISMO 1:25.1 Integra Type S 1:26.6
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    2024 GT-R NISMO breaks it own Tsukuba Circuit record

    in 2020 the GTR NISMO set a record lap of 59.361 for the "fastest commercially available car." January 10th of 2024 after a 3 day time attack NISMO Super GT driver Tsugio Matsuda was able to improve on the time to 59.078 after consistently lapping the track at 59.2...
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    Used Z NISMO Already?

    interesting 👀
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    NISMO Strut Tower Brace in Anodized Black Now Available

    Im very excited to share with everyone a first look at the NISMO USA Strut tower brace in anodized black! This part was just made available and can now be ordered from your local dealer or performance shops who carry NISMO products like Z1 ect. The brace is made from aluminum and 45% lighter...
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    Tochigi Plant Paint issued resolved per report

    Reuters Japan is reporting paint issues at Tochigi Plant have been resolved as of November. The plant is now operating at 2/3rds capacity. Some of you may or may not have been aware that one of the factors that contributed to the less than idea roll out of the Z in 2022/23 was paint issues...
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    Kuhlracing's KR-RZ34RR

    This isnt really my style of Kit or stance but the rear spoiler is actually nice and might work stand alone on a Z. subtle but a steeper attack angle than the standard performance and also a 3 piece like NISMO
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    Rattle/Buzz behind Traction control button?

    I've noticed after 175 miles of ownership a plastic on plastic rattle/buzz what seems to be behind the traction control button. If you put pressure on the outer rim of the button while driving it goes away. Also goes away sometimes on it's on when the Z is warmed up inside. Was this common...