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  1. Almost got my Z...

    And she arrived this morning. Boy is that blue nice in person. The interior too is so bright!
  2. Jah's Everest White Build Thread

    Awesome! Thanks man. I'll have to follow you. That's definitely the set-up I'm going with.
  3. Jah's Everest White Build Thread

    Hey man! I've seen you mention your exhaust set-up a few times and I was wondering if you had any clips of it to share in here? Car looks great btw!
  4. HELP ME!!!

    Sounds a lot like my R35 did! Very nice. I think at the end of the day I'll go AWE because I rank them similarly, so I might as well go for the one that sounds more different than my last car and also like half the price haha.
  5. HELP ME!!!

    Thanks! Instagram is blocked at work so I'll give a listen on my lunch break.
  6. HELP ME!!!

    Do you have any videos of your set-up?
  7. HELP ME!!!

    There's both the awe video showing all the different configurations and vivid racing I think also has a vid with them if you want an idea. Awe is the direction I'm leaning personally. Having the option to change between the track and touring options easily seems like a nice way to adjust...
  8. Upgraded to Z1 sway bars...

    Thanks! I'll probably pull up on the ramps to take a peek and then make a decision from there.
  9. Upgraded to Z1 sway bars...

    Ahh yea annoying factor is definitely a big decider for me. If it comes down to taking a bunch of extra stuff off I may just take it somewhere. Thanks!
  10. Upgraded to Z1 sway bars...

    How is the install for just the sway bars? Would like to grab the z1 option(outer setting by these posts). Does it seem like something could do by myself on ramps in the driveway as someone who just does minor bolt on work? Or is this a "bring it to a shop" kinda job?
  11. New member, 1st post

    The red on the side skirt is rad as hell.

    Do you need to do anything with the gear box to handle that? I hope you post some vids when it's done!
  13. MC's 2024 Z NISMO

    Oh nice so I can probably just get them from Nissan easily enough. Thanks for the answers as always!
  14. MC's 2024 Z NISMO

    Oh yea thats pretty slick. Did the source of that image happen to mention where they got theirs?
  15. MC's 2024 Z NISMO

    Awesome! That's exactly what I was hoping. Looks like it would be simple enough. Now to find out the part number and where to get some!
  16. MC's 2024 Z NISMO

    Hey MCN1SMO, to avoid making a new thread for this question I was wondering if you could let me know how it looks like the little wheel well flares are attached? Trying to figure out if they would fit on a regular model and if it would be reasonably easy to do so. The blue with those black...
  17. Almost got my Z...

    Looks like it's all cleaned up and ceramic coated and I'm getting ready to set up the wire. With the 7 year warranty I've got no issues going forward. Hopefully I'll have some pics in the not too distant future!
  18. Almost got my Z...

    Well just got some new updates. They had Nissan reps come out who actually spent all day buffing and working at it as mentioned above. And they are throwing in a 7 year paint and interior warranty(which also covers rock chips and anything little) to assuage any concerns about future issues...
  19. Almost got my Z...

    Yea honestly so far the dealership has handled everything very well. So I certainly can't complain about any of that.
  20. Almost got my Z...

    Yea its an odd one. Even more odd is they told me today they heard from Nissan that this is a "known issue" and they are advising on the next steps? We'll see what comes of it!