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  1. Mud

    2023 Z Bose Sub vs 2009 370Z Bose Sub - will it fit?

    For some reason the 2023 Z (Aus spec ~ Performance) seems lacking in base. I and many other have noticed this. I've just reached 2000km and it seems to have gotten a bit better but still not as good as the 370Z I own a 2009 370Z (Aus spec ~ Nav with Bose sound) My idea was to see if the 370Z...
  2. Mud

    Workshop Manual

    Has anyone been able to track down a workshop manual yet?
  3. Mud

    Number Plate / License Plate hack to fit slimline plates

    If you have slim plates that do not cover the entire plate bracket and want a more hidden look. This is for you. This is what I did after taking notes from a few others OEM look 1. Start by removing OEM bracket. If this needs explaining, stop here, proceed no further. Remove number plate...
  4. Mud

    Passion Red - Cancelled AUS

    My worst fear was confirmed this morning. After seeing Passion Red removed from the AUS website a few weeks back and no communication from my dealer, I hoped red was still coming. Someone posted on FB that a dealer communication was sent out confirming no Passion Red cars unless you already have...
  5. Mud

    Auto folding mirrors - JDM option

    from this video
  6. Mud

    Stickers / Decals - what are your favourites for your Zs?

    What are some of the best stickers/decals for Zs. Do you like to add just one ? Or do you like to plaster your car with them so no paint is visible. Show me what you've got!
  7. Mud

    Aussie member order stats

    These stats will be updated as new info comes to hand
  8. Mud

    What features are missing from the Z, that the 370Z had?

    What are some of the quirks and features that are missing from the new Z. And that the 370Z (or other Zs) had that were really great. I'll start - Tilting instrument cluster Fobgina