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  1. Hands Up all the Aussies

    Haven’t gotten the car yet! but might need to find an upholstery person to change the material .
  2. Hands Up all the Aussies

    OK OK OK... so my car is on a ship and only a few weeks away! If it arrives by Dec 22nd it'll be 365 days since I ordered! hah Can anyone locally in Australia recommend where to buy/order an exhaust... is it that AWE available? Or anyone happy with what they got and let me know? :) (Oh... is...
  3. Hands Up all the Aussies

    My Z is on a Ship, en route to Freo in about 9-10 days.
  4. New in Box Black Diamond Metallic Spoiler, Front & Rear Splash Guards, and Interior Accent Lighting Kit

    Is the lighting kit for RHD Z or just LHD? And can it be sourced elsewhere?
  5. New Z Model Name | What Should It Be Called?

    Apologies... I didn't know that much history on the Z... including the Datsun's... engine placement gave the models their names! So a 400Z doesn't make sense.
  6. New Z Model Name | What Should It Be Called?

    What's wrong with "The New Z"? or "400Z"? 400hp makes sense and just refer to it having that much horse power as much as even in Australia we use kilowatts for power output.
  7. Hands Up all the Aussies

    Same color as mine! Love it… but I’ve got the black interior. On another note, does anyone know how I could remove (in this example) the red interior parts that are red along the dashboard and gearbox area? Want them reupholstered in alcantara 😍
  8. Number plate brackets!

    That's it! Let me DM. you and I'll buy :)
  9. SEMA2024 Pics

    Wonder if they’ll be adaptive with steering..
  10. SEMA2024 Pics

    I want those! Hope they make they for both RHD and LHD.
  11. Hands Up all the Aussies

    $160-$300 for a bracket... made of plastic. A joke right?
  12. Hands Up all the Aussies

    Where from the splash guards?
  13. Hands Up all the Aussies

    What product did you use or where did you go? And price? that now makes Rosewood look a bit more burnt brown 😍😍
  14. Side/quarter Panel Rear Lights

    Hi all, future Z owner here in Aus. I wanted to know if anyone in the US or Canada could help. The Australian spec car doesn't have an active lit side/quarter panel rear light... they're actually just gray reflectors (same with the JDM version). Is there a part number from the US/CA that...
  15. FairladyZ badge looks cool but….

    Ordered on a Saturday received on a Wednesday from Japan! Car arrives in December. Hah... I'm well prepared. Nengun are good.
  16. Number Plate / License Plate hack to fit slimline plates

    Which store? Possibly a link too? :)
  17. SEMA2024 Pics

    More Photos!
  18. Number plate brackets!

    Did you have a final product and install with photos?