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  1. bpeckham

    "Etchings" on Windshield?

    Has anybody else noticed "etchings" on their windshield? I've actually noticed these for quite some time. At first I thought my windshield was just dirty, but after cleaning the windshield in a variety of ways the etchings are still there. They span the width and height of the windshield, and...
  2. bpeckham

    Scuff guards: worth it?

    My car came with a set of options that included the the floor mat package, illuminated kick plates, and the scuff guards. I really like the kick plates. They look great, they're well made, they're installed well, and they really add to the look of the car. The scuff guards: not so much. The...
  3. bpeckham

    007s in the rain

    Drove in the rain for the first time since getting my Z back in April, and I have three observations. The intermittent wipers work great. The 007s are super easy to break lose on rain-slicked pavement. The traction control does a good job of reining you in. Take it easy on wet roads out there...
  4. bpeckham

    Software Versions

    I bought my Z back in April 2023, and checked for a software update right after I bought it. No update available. Now it's October, and I thought I'd check again. Still no update. Here are the versions my car reports. Anybody else see anything newer? Although, that first version looks like a...
  5. bpeckham

    Hatch Half Unlocks?

    I've noticed this a couple of times: I operate the hatch opener, either from the center console or the button hidden in the rear logo, and the hatch pops up a bit, but doesn't fully unlock. Then I try to lift it, and even though it's not fully closed, it won't open. If I press the button again...
  6. bpeckham

    VR30DDTT smoother than VQ37VHR with 6MT

    I've been meaning to post this for a few weeks now, and here it is. I had a G37 with the VQ37VHR engine and a 6MT. I always shifted into 6th around 60mph (chill driving), and the engine seemed to settle in to a smooth purr. With the Z's VR30DDTT I've found myself still in 5th well above 60mph...
  7. bpeckham

    Cleaning the Windows

    I've decided to wash my Z at home based on a few posts I've seen on this forum and the fact this this is the first car I've had with a ceramic coating. I think the hand washing has gone well so far except for the windows. I can't seem to clean them without leaving behind streaks. I'm following...
  8. bpeckham

    What's the deal with engine covers?

    Okay, I've been wondering this for 20ish years, since I got my G35. This is slightly related to the Z because it has one too. What is the deal with engine covers? Do they have a function, or are they simply useless weight?
  9. bpeckham

    Climate Control Auto Mode: Always Recirc?

    I pretty much keep the climate control in auto mode always. I've noticed that when I start the car, it always switches to recirc mode. This makes sense in the summer to quickly cool the car, but it seems like it never leaves recirc mode. Sometime later, while driving, I'll notice this and switch...
  10. bpeckham

    Locking Lug Nuts

    I've been thinking of getting some locking lug nuts. Any recommendations? My previous two cars had them. I'm not sure they actually staved off any theft, but it seems like it might be a good preventative measure. Is it worth it?
  11. bpeckham

    Android Auto Flaky? (with bad cable)

    So my wife and I hopped into the Z today to go for a drive, plugged in my phone (Pixel 7) with this cable, and drove off. Android Auto started right up. Music was playing. The map was showing. I was ready for a nice drive. Then Android Auto disconnected. Then it reconnected. Then it...
  12. bpeckham

    Manual Transmissions Rule

    Especially in a bus. I think that's 5th gear. Along E80 outside Livorno, IT. Haven't seen a single Z (of course).
  13. bpeckham

    Z clutch vs 370Z clutch

    I went from a G37S 6MT to a Z 6MT. The clutch on the Z is so easy (light) compared to the G37S, it freaks me out a bit. I would think the G37S clutch was similar to the 370Z, but I just don't know. Any 370Z 6MT -> Z 6MT drivers out there who can compare the 370Z to the Z? Any difference? What...
  14. bpeckham

    Loved ones no longer with us.

    Today is my Dad's birthday. He passed away about 4-1/2 years ago, and I've never felt pain like that before. But I also like to look at the joy he brought into this world. This is the man who taught me how change a flat (I guess we don't do that any more with the Z), do an oil oil change, and...
  15. bpeckham

    Anticipated announcement & changes for next model year 2024?

    It seems like the Z serial numbers in the US (and CA?) haven't advanced for a month. It's nearly June. Does that mean the 2024 model year is on the horizon? Do we expect any changes for 2024? I guess if the 2023 problems are fixed that might be enough to keep her rolling.
  16. bpeckham

    Splotchy Paint on Hood

    I noticed some splotchy paint on the hood. It's hard to see in some lighting conditions, but obviously noticable under my garage lights. This photo captures only a little bit of it. It's almost like something splattered on the paint and caused a little damage. It seems like it's along the...
  17. bpeckham

    Is the Z bigger on the inside?

    I drove my Z from SAN to LAX (and back) today, and I must ask: is the Z bigger on the inside than the outside? It looks so small from the outside, but It was a very comfortable drive on the 5 and the 405. My wife's SQ5 is broken right now (needs a new coolant pump), so it was the Z or the...
  18. bpeckham

    The Z: She's got issues

    The Z: She's got issues. Is the Z still worth it? Issues I've heard about and/or had. Date Issue Status 2022-08-29 Automatic transmission Z is part of Nissan recall & stop sale campaign Resolved 2022-10-05 Stop Sale on Manual transmission 2023 Z Resolved 2023-01-28 Stop Sale on the Z...
  19. bpeckham

    Inconsistent Katana Alignment

    I mentioned this in the thread about A pillar paint flake, but I thought I'd surface it in its own thread to see if others have this issue or want to share photos. As you can see above, the passenger side (US variant, built Dec 2022) Katana is not well aligned (as compared to the driver side...
  20. bpeckham

    Z vs Helmet

    Hit this at speed on the 805 this morning. It dragged along the car until the next off ramp. My Z seems fine; the helmet, not so much. I was driving along, and a car two lanes to the left of me hit it right into my path. I tried to avoid it (unsuccessfully).