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  1. bhamZ35

    Suspension - Z proto vs 370Z

    I honestly hope it’s exactly the same. Imagine having 10 years of aftermarket developed suspension parts immediately available at launch…
  2. bhamZ35

    2022 Nissan Z in Various Colors (Rendering)

    Me looking at that white render:
  3. bhamZ35

    Countdown: Less than 30 days... What are you hoping to learn from the Z35 debut?

    I’m with you. Nissan is throwing up Hail Marys to financially recover right now, and putting a budget version of an already supposed-to-be budget friendly sports car with less hp than its predecessor at the same (if not higher) price point seems like a terrible idea. I think they’ll all have the...
  4. bhamZ35

    Ideas for aftermarket fixes for front end

    Even though it’s technically photoshopped, it would be safe to assume a car like this would be on air suspension and wouldn’t have any problems.
  5. bhamZ35

    Are you removing your badges?

    If it doesn’t leave any holes or emblem indentions, I’m removing mine. I’ve always loved the badge-less look (shameless old vehicle plug because I miss having something to mod):
  6. bhamZ35

    Fixes for the Katana?

    Color matched with paint
  7. bhamZ35

    Going aftermarket wheels for your Nissan Z?

    lol I tried getting him to get on and help us, but he’s “too busy” with work. Nerd.
  8. bhamZ35

    2022 Lexus IS 500 F Sport Performance

    I was pretty stoked when they originally announced it, but a 4.5 0-60 is rough. I’d feel pretty meh if my (potentially) 65k dollar performance sports car got walked from a dig by pretty much any V8 domestic for almost half the price.
  9. bhamZ35

    Going aftermarket wheels for your Nissan Z?

    Nah, a friend of mine did. I tried to, and it looked like a Lego car.
  10. bhamZ35

    Going aftermarket wheels for your Nissan Z?

    White on bronze TE37s for sure
  11. bhamZ35

    Who wears the Katana better?

    But why extend it past the side rear window? The S30 didn’t. I’m all for nostalgia and retro based ideas, but that doesn’t automatically make it appealing. Regardless of it being retro based, it looks identical to the styling of a Kia.
  12. bhamZ35

    Who wears the Katana better?

    Everybody complains about the front end, but I’m more bummed over Nissan copying style points from a Kia Optima :confused:. Yes I’m still buying one. Yes I will paint match it to the car. BUT WHY NISSAN??
  13. bhamZ35

    Photos & Video: 2022 Nissan Z spotted testing in Arizona

    I just wanted to see it in white :(
  14. bhamZ35

    Off Topic

    I agree with the wrap. Holds better over time and looks closer to actual paint.
  15. bhamZ35

    Ideas for aftermarket fixes for front end

    Understandable, but the “katana” has looked gimmicky and out of place since I first saw it. Seeing the body lines without it makes me wish they did a little less “creating”.
  16. bhamZ35

    Ideas for aftermarket fixes for front end

    Forget the problems with the front end, this picture proves how much of an eye sore the “katana” is. Taking that away and filling in the random outlined gap under the taillights with more taillight surface area really gives it a more true-to-original retro design. Nissan spends millions of...
  17. bhamZ35

    Nissan Z Instrument Panel Was Developed With Input From Nissan Race Driver

    What’s the reference for the video? This isn’t a Nissan sponsored video and only states “messing around in editor”. From the small amount of info, it just seems like a random person on YouTube making a video on photoshop.