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  1. New York Auto Show Officially Canceled for 2021

    I was planning on going but luckily for me I am close enough to only have to take a train so didn't need to book anything... still disappointed though
  2. New York Auto Show Officially Canceled for 2021 The show had been rescheduled to August but is now off due to the COVID-19 Delta variant and increasingly stringent restrictions in New York City. The New York auto show, previously rescheduled for August, has now been...
  3. What other cars are you considering?

    the scat pack is an awesome car I've driven both scat pack and Hellcat, and I feel like I couldn't even use the Cat's power. Me personally if the Z is too expensive, I really like the look of the new GR86. I wonder if it is enough power, I've also been considering a Camaro, or if the IS500...
  4. 2022 Lexus IS 500 F Sport Performance

    I really like this car and hope it sells well. I was considering an IS350 AWD as a do it all car, but the performance was lackluster on the test drive. I ended up going with a cheap daily while waiting for the new Z or similar
  5. Which color Nissan Z will you get?

    either yellow or orange for me
  6. Will $5k or $10k more be too much?

    hoping for 35k... one thing is I definitely will NOT pay a 5-10k dealer markup
  7. Nissan Trademarks "Fairlady Z" with United States Patent and Trademark Office

    they could call it the Nissan Poop as long as it's around 35-40k and I can get my hands on one
  8. August 17 NYIAS Nissan Z Unveiling + Attendee List

    on the ticket site you can pay $45 for an hour early access lol
  9. August 17 NYIAS Nissan Z Unveiling + Attendee List

    I am going on the 22nd
  10. Ex-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn: How I escaped Japan in a box American father, son get Japan prison terms for Ghosn escape
  11. Which 2022 Nissan Z trim model are you getting?

    I voted base. I don't personally need the extra features with sport/touring and if the rumor of $5k for each package is true just too much for me. Only option I would probably get is an enhanced exhaust system (similar to what is offered on the corvettes)
  12. August 17 NYIAS Nissan Z Unveiling + Attendee List

    I highly doubt we will be able to sit inside. I've been to the Philly and NY auto shows for the past 10+ years and whenever there is a brand new car it is always elevated on a platform (possibly rotating platform) inside a barrier. Hopefully they at least open the door so I can get a peek inside
  13. August 17 NYIAS Nissan Z Unveiling + Attendee List

    I will shove through crowds if needed, but just a warning I have an old iPhone and that's it lol
  14. August 17 NYIAS Nissan Z Unveiling + Attendee List

    I will be at the show, will get pictures if I can
  15. 2022 Nissan Z Details: MSRP pricing, packages, power (hp), weight, transmission + more

    was the QX60 pricing revealed? just wondering because if not I wonder if the Z will reveal in August without a price
  16. Mark you calendars, August 17th is Nissan Z Reveal Day!

    I'll be at the NY auto show:) hope pricing is revealed
  17. Anyone Else Think New Z is Going to Pull A C8?

    I will not pay a cent in ADM. If Nissan dealers pull a C8 I will go with something else. I know the first few months will be like this but I am hoping by 2022 production issues for all cars will be better and a lot of Z's can get produced.
  18. Videos: Z Proto Reviews, Reactions, Analysis

    couldn't you just dye the stitching?
  19. Reliability/Cost of Ownership of the new Z?

    I had an 8-speed ZF in my previous car and I agree it is probably good for fuel economy and keeping revs low on the highway, but when I was playing around in sport mode with the paddles I probably didn't go above 5th
  20. Reliability/Cost of Ownership of the new Z?

    if my research is correct, the new Z will have the same engine as the Infinti Q50/60 Red Sport (VR30), and the transmission carried over from the 370Z (manual), and for the auto, a 9-speed that is similar to the one in the mercedes. Does anyone have knowledge of how these VR30 engines are...