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  1. tetsuo

    Nissan Z Proto Livestream Reveal Viewing Party! + Reactions

    Exactly how I fee. The front straight on is all angular and doesn't seem to match the rest of the body, which is curvier. But they could possibly soften up the front a little with the production front? The side is by far my favorite look especially that roofline which is just sweet like the...
  2. tetsuo

    Jay Leno video talks about next Z (Z35 / 240Z?) with Nissan chief designer

    Sorry to necro this thread but I'm wondering if the Z35 design has been locked in for years now or it's been revised since these.
  3. tetsuo


    As much as I want to see the future Z ASAP i think debuting it in Chicago would be a mistake. Either wait until NY or do a completely separate event broadcast globally across the internet. This car hasn't been redone in over 8 years c'mon!!
  4. tetsuo

    Z35 Pricing? Will the next Z Move upmarket?

    I see no reason why it would move upmarket. There's already the GT-R sitting up there. The new turbo V6 shouldn't really add to the price of the car. And from a marketing standpoint it doesn't make sense to move up into M4 territory. The Z35 will still be a Nissan badged car so they can't...
  5. tetsuo


    Nice read. I bet all the aftermarket tuners eyes lit up when they saw that the new engine will be twin turbo. Just provides such an easier platform to extract power from.
  6. tetsuo

    Next Nissan Z Must Be Revolutionary and Repositioned to be Successful

    This could be the last 6 cylinder Z generation we see me thinks.
  7. tetsuo

    Turbo wars

    It's there if you look for it but it's nothing like back in the day. There's all kinds of neat tricks now to help reduce it tho. BMW M3/M4 pre-spool the turbos to keep them spinning so that there's even better throttle response and minimal lag. There's also futuristic cars like the Mclaren P1...
  8. tetsuo

    Next Generation Z to feature IDx Design Elements

    The IDx was not designed for performance that is for sure. But I believe with a few changes it can be made to look sportier, sleek and more race inspired. Any photoshoppers wanna give it a try? :)
  9. tetsuo

    Turbo wars

    I agree that turbo engines have a come a LONG way but lag is lag no matter how minimal. And have you heard a 4 cyl exhaust that sounds as good as a great sounding V8 exhaust? I haven't. You can only overcome so much physics. This will really be interesting to see if the Z35 comes with a turbo...
  10. tetsuo

    Next Generation Z to feature IDx Design Elements

    By all the rumors surrounding the Z35 that's what it sounds like they'll be doing -- not only making it smaller but also a more basic entry level compared to the 370z.
  11. tetsuo

    Turbo wars

    Turbo lag and bad exhaust sound are two big downsides to turbo setups usually. Plus the Z has had a NA 6 cyl so it's gonna take some getting used to seeing a Z with a turbo 4.
  12. tetsuo

    Rumor that Z35 will be launched as turbo hybrid convertible

    I don't see this happening. This may just be wishful thinking but even the sketch boards in Nissan's design studio had nothing but coupes and this one is supposed to be a return more to the 240Z roots which were not even offered in convertible form.
  13. tetsuo

    Nissan Z35 to be teased in Superbowl commercial?!

    Wow!! I can't wait. After watching that video if it is not about the next Z car I will be shocked. I wasn't even going to watch the game but I'm tuning in for sure now.
  14. tetsuo

    Next Generation Z to feature IDx Design Elements

    "More basic sports offering" hooooray! That's what Ive been crossing my fingers for.
  15. tetsuo

    Rebirth of an Icon: Next Generation Acura NSX Unveiled

    I don't know how I feel about it. It doesn't look anything like the 1st gen. It might grow on me over time.
  16. tetsuo

    What changes to the current Z would you like to see in the new model?

    Speculative I know, but what would you like to see changed about the 370Z? For me it comes down to three main things... -price -size -dimensions/proportions By the last one i mean they need to rethink the proportioning. I'm not a fan of the cockpit feel with poor visibility. It seems like...
  17. tetsuo

    Nissan should learn from Toyota

    What's sad is that when the 370z came out if you compared it on paper to its competitors at the time, it was great. But years later that's not true anymore. There's nothing special about it, but it's priced at a price level where you expect something special.
  18. tetsuo

    Nissan Z35 engine should be?

    I say NA base model first year and come out with a hybrid FI NISMO in year 2 and later. These guys get pretty specific... would love to see a 400+hp turbo hybrid 6.
  19. tetsuo

    When will we see the new Z? / What Autoshow will new Z debut at?

    LA show is this week... maybe they will drop a bomb on us?? :)
  20. tetsuo

    Nissan Z35 Photoshops

    It's not bad, it just looks too pedestrian for me. Maybe lowering it would help?