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  1. Nissan Z car will forever be in Nissan's lineup says Nakamura

    Good news all around except for the "no firm date" thing but at this point I'm happy to get any acknowledgement that the car has a place in Nissan's future. Not only that but FOREVER. All this silence can lead you to believe they are getting ready to drop it.
  2. Nissan vows lighter future models

    For all we know the Z could be a few years out still. Might as well pack all the innovation they can since no one is talking about the next gen car yet.
  3. Nissan Z35 won't be crossover. Will be smaller, more affordable, more mainstream

    I don't think its competitors would change, it would just be positioned more competitively against its current competition. The Toyobaru twins have carved out a little niche below but I think demand has dried up. In the US at least there's more demand for a RWD 2+2 sports coupe with at least 350...
  4. 3.0 V6TT CONFIRMED!

    Nissan's new direction of late seems to have it out for RWD coupes. I think the success of the new Mustang and Camaro shows that there is still a slice of the pie to be had. I'm hoping all this means is it is still too far in the future, but 8 years is pushing the limits of any car's life cycle...
  5. Next Nissan Z Could Be Simply Called "Z"

    While we wait ... and wait ... for any bit of news from Nissan about the next Z, which is what I've resigned to call, what do you all think it will be called? Seems unlikely it will be badged 300Z in keeping with the current naming convention. Is Z35 looking more likely?
  6. When will we see the new Z? / What Autoshow will new Z debut at?

    Doubt it :( The Nissan press conference isn't even until the second day of the show. If they had a nice bomb to drop, they woulda gotten an early press conference on the first day.
  7. Next Generation Z to feature IDx Design Elements

    I can't imagine them going retro with tthe Z at this stage. Cars, even ones with a ton of heritage are going ultra modern these days. Even the stuck-in-their-ways muscle cars are looking super European sleek now. Not sure Nissan should go against the current trend.
  8. Nissan Z35 to be teased in Superbowl commercial?!

    Pretty much shows where the Z is in terms of priority for Nissan. :( I guess why bother investing in something affordable when you can get all the rags talking about the GT-R all day that none of us can afford. *shakes head*
  9. Turbo wars

    If they put two smaller turbos on the engine and pair it with lightweight crankshaft, the engine could have next to zero lag.
  10. Jay Leno video talks about next Z (Z35 / 240Z?) with Nissan chief designer

    Yea totally right. This video is 2.5 years old. Nissan essentially is teasing the next gen Z in this video and they know it. Why do it so early if they had no plans to roll it out by 2015.
  11. Next Generation Z to feature IDx Design Elements

    IDX was kinda an ugly duckling IMO. I get that it was a throwback styling but the Z has been a modern forward looking design which is what I hope the Z35 is like.
  12. Smaller, lighter, more reminiscent of the original Z

    I wonder if the Z is really viewed as the more important car to Nissan. They seem to be shunning sports cars or anything risky at this point. The IDX would have had a more mainstream buyer IMO. It hit the right price point and I can see it being used as a grocery getter and light track work...
  13. Rebirth of an Icon: Next Generation Acura NSX Unveiled

    It looks like a R8 rip off.
  14. Turbo wars

    Turbo 4's can do some amazing things these days. Just look at what Ford has done with the Focus RS and Mustang. If even the Mustang is getting it, I doubt the Z35 will escape it. Still it can easily pump out 350+ horses, with an aggressive tune over 400+.
  15. Nissan Z35 to be teased in Superbowl commercial?!

    Wow finally?? Just read this news too and popped on here to share. Even more reason to watch the game now. Cmon Nissan don't disappoint us.
  16. Z35 Pricing? Will the next Z Move upmarket?

    Admin just posted this article on the 370Z Nismo The author put the pricing into perspective. Z is way overpriced right now and if they don't adjust it for the Z35 they're gonna have sales problem...
  17. Nissan IDx Freeflow and IDx NISMO Concepts - From Ideas to Reality

    Jay got to see it first hand.
  18. Nissan Z35 will get new twin turbo V6 engine from Q60 coupe?

    Hope that this new engine has more refinement than the VQ which pulls like hell but doesn't feel nor sounds particularly good.