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  1. Ckynus

    Sport trim gauge cluster question

    It isnt there on the sport trim..
  2. Ckynus

    Spotted Z, parked next to a twin at the grocery story

    If this ever happens to me I am going to wait in the lot like a creeper so I can meet the driver.
  3. Ckynus

    Random shipping mode activation

    Yep thats it. Must have giggled loose because Brooklyn is not fit for cars
  4. Ckynus

    Possibly selling black 2023 Z to purchase a Nismo

    Man I would jump on this trend with you guys but I cannot get past the automatic. When are they giving us the manual Nismo?
  5. Ckynus

    Random shipping mode activation

    I was driving in Williamsburg last night and I randomly lost some of the car electronics and this error popped up on my dash. "Shipping mode on push storage fuse" I pulled over and looked in the driver's side fuse box. I didn't see anything out of sorts, and when I started it up again the...
  6. Ckynus

    Video: Ambient Lighting in Action

    They stay on unless you turn them off
  7. Ckynus

    Can anybody help out with a photoshop request?

    Sort of. It swings the color however the reflectivity of the finish is still that of the factory paint. I have no way of measuring how reflective the wrap finish will be. We can look at it somewhere between the factory gloss and a flat matte but its hard to know exactly.
  8. Ckynus

    Can anybody help out with a photoshop request?

    I am a blackbelt in photoshop
  9. Ckynus

    Like new MANUAL 2023 Proto Spec Z for sale - 215 miles

    Great car, and I like that garage too!
  10. Ckynus

    Matched the katana blade to my wheels….well….the best I could

    Ughh I attempted to make mine black with wrap once and the paint did not like it. I still like the idea of changing the katana color but was considering paint instead of a wrap now
  11. Ckynus

    Coming Soon from AWE: Full 3" Catbacks for Nissan Z

    I don't want to speak out of turn but I am happy with the exaust system.
  12. Ckynus

    Which CAI cold intake to install?

    They are so very similar, does anyone have first hand experiance or recomendations? The look like the same product, I would not be surprised if the NIsmo version was actualy made by one of the other companies and white labled...
  13. Ckynus

    Finally got into the tint shop.

    I have never tinted the windshield, I assumed it would get too much police attention. Do they let it slide?
  14. Ckynus

    Engine dress up question

    Do you also have the red interior, that would be a nice color theme
  15. Ckynus

    You can put a child seat in the Z?

    the baby seat goes in the pass seat it just has the clip to the harness in the back. Just like if you have an suv the kid goes in the back seat but that clip is behind the seat.
  16. Ckynus

    NJ Owners

    NJ Z Car Club Annual Car Show NJ Z Car Club Annual Show Saturday, August 19, 2023, 9am - 2:30pm (rain date August 26th) Hosted and Sponsored by Bridgewater Nissan 1400 US-22, Bridgewater, NJ 08807 Click for a map & directions Add to your calendar Registration: 9:00am - 11:00am Save time...
  17. Ckynus

    Bought a new Z !!! east coast NY, LONG ISLAND

    I hate when dealerships put those stickers on, they take a new car and vandalise it.
  18. Ckynus

    New Orange Paint for 2024MY Nissan Z

    This was my first car but mine had more rust :)