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  1. DatChief

    Z rear spoiler options?

    I'm going to wait on the aftermarket options. I'm very partial on the duckbill look but I want to do something different with this car so I may end up with a GT wing with some aggressive aero on the front and a diffuser to match. I plan on taking this car so it should help
  2. DatChief

    New Nissan Emblem

    Me! I want to know if im gonna keep it or replace it (I'm leaning towards keeping it though)
  3. DatChief

    Official Nissan Z Nismo Discussion / News & Speculation via Bestcarweb Japan

    I agree to a point with you. 300 hp is definitely too little but staying under 400 would not be a bad call for nissan. Starting at 350 (which will match the outgoing 370) giving the sport around 400, and the nismo closer to 450-475 would be a good enough split to justify the extra money spent on...
  4. DatChief

    Will the Z35 be your first Z? / Are you a Nissan Virgin?

    This will be my first Z but my first nissan was an 06 Maxima and I absolutely hated it because it had overheating issues and transmission problems shortly after I got it (less then 6 months). I've avoided nissan ever since but Z's have always had my interest
  5. DatChief

    How are you planning on purchasing your Z?

    Am I the only one that's going to wait? I plan on buying it used in a few years so I can have a better sense of what I want to achieve with the car. This will help me determine whether I want a nismo and what kind of power I can expect after modding
  6. DatChief

    Going aftermarket wheels for your Nissan Z?

    Since some of the first mods people do are usually wheels and suspension, I was wondering what wheels people would throw on the new Z when it comes out?