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  1. z_ya_later

    Buying New or Pre owned

    Going new this time. I've only had 1 other new car previously and that was way back in 2004 when I got my first job out of college. I love my 370z (it's been my dream car for a while) but over the past year it's been one issue after another including a new transmission 6 months ago. Bought it...
  2. z_ya_later

    Nissan Trademarks "Fairlady Z" with United States Patent and Trademark Office

    This is what I think. It's just being trademarked to protect their intellectual property in the US and sell official merchandise. Or maybe there will be a Fairlady package for the launch. I'd be surprised if all of a sudden they decided to change the official name to the Fairlady Z in the states.
  3. z_ya_later

    Z rear spoiler options?

    Unpopular opinion but I actually like the clean look of the proto with no spoiler. On the opposite end, I always felt the 370 looked naked without a wing on the back. If the new Z comes with one standard, I'd just leave it on there though.
  4. z_ya_later

    What was your honest opinion of the Z Proto at first vs now?

    Feel the same way. Disliked the initial reveal including the grille and katana accent. I also felt the taillights were a little too small and the diffuser a little too big. Away from the washed-out lighting from the reveal, it's clear the car has great body lines and overall a sleek shape that...
  5. z_ya_later

    New Nissan Emblem

    Don't think you'll be able to debadge the rear...
  6. z_ya_later

    Which color Nissan Z will you get?

    Will go with the orange and black roof depending on how it looks in person. Backup option will be Gunmetal.
  7. z_ya_later

    Which 2022 Nissan Z trim model are you getting?

    Sport - Don't care about the touring comforts and back when the 370 debuted, I always envisioned getting the Sport version. Ended up with a 370Z base so now I'm going for it. Don't plan on doing any mods beyond that.