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  1. gurneyeagle500

    Q&A Session - To those that have seen the Z proto in person...

    I have not seen the car in person, but every video from the Chicago show indicates it's a solid roof. They all showed a solid headliner in their interior shots.
  2. gurneyeagle500

    Visible Changes Compared - Nissan Z34 to Z35

    Great comparison. Thank you! One thing that continues to bother me is the height of the leading edge of the hood, thus defining the "nose" of the car. If these graphics are truly accurate - which I believe they are - the Proto's nose is higher than the 370Z. :( No bueno for me. Hopefully...
  3. gurneyeagle500

    Will the Z35 be your first Z? / Are you a Nissan Virgin?

    I was at COTA for Nismo Academy too! Most fun I had with my Z. EVER. Biggest takeaway - the incredible amount of concentration it takes to drive fast, and as you noted, we were only playing "follow the leader". By the end of a full, hot, June day in Austin, people were actually passing on...
  4. gurneyeagle500

    Should Nissan bring back the 2+2 layout?

    No, that's what the Q60 is for.
  5. gurneyeagle500

    What was your honest opinion of the Z Proto at first vs now?

    I've liked it since the introduction. I'm really holding final judgement until I can see it in person. As I have mentioned in other threads, there are some aspects of the design I wish would be tweaked: extend hood three to four inches and eliminate a row or two of the upper grille; faux...
  6. gurneyeagle500

    Which color Nissan Z will you get? slightly change the subject.............. Any hope that the carbon fiber trim shown on the Z Proto will make it to production, even as an option? LOVE the side skirts and rear diffuser in carbon fiber!
  7. gurneyeagle500

    New Nissan Emblem

    Meh, I don't really care for either version. I replaced the front and rear Nissan badges with Z badges from the Z Store. I'll be doing the same if I get the new Z.
  8. gurneyeagle500

    Does anyone know of Dealerships that will be able to service the new Z?

    To answer your original question - as was the case with my 370Z, it can be serviced at any Nissan dealer. There isn't anything special about the Z. Now in bigger cities like Houston where I lived, there are always more "enthusiast-skewed" dealerships with dedicated GT-R techs that are usually...
  9. gurneyeagle500

    Will the Z35 be your first Z? / Are you a Nissan Virgin?

    GREAT post! My first "Datsun" was a 1977 B210 - my first brand new car. Brown metallic paint with tan vinyl interior. I went all out and ordered an AM/FM radio and a tach! No a/c or remotely any type of modern creature comfort. Super-reliable car; really a modern VW Beetle at the time...
  10. gurneyeagle500

    6 speed manual or 9 speed auto?

    No, what I described was every sports car produced in the 50's through the late 60's. The most literal one being a Shelby Cobra, but you could add the MG TD, any early Triumph, etc. My point was that people's ideas of sports cars today are far removed from the past, but there are still...
  11. gurneyeagle500

    2023 Lotus Emira

    Amazing car, but Lotus build quality is a big IF at this point. Tiny dealer network, questionable parts availability, and expensive service costs (and I currently own an Audi!) give me pause. It's absolutely stunning, and I should be able to get into one for the cost of a heavily optioned C8...
  12. gurneyeagle500

    Any current or past Z owners? & Post pics of your Z car!

    Nismo Academy at Circuit of the Americas in 2013. Awesome time! 2011 Touring Sport with Nismo wheels and front bumper, along with many other mods.
  13. gurneyeagle500

    Official Nissan Z Nismo Discussion / News & Speculation via Bestcarweb Japan

    I'll be waiting until early 2023 to make a decision. By then, all the questions should be answered, and MAYBE the dealer mark-ups will be gone. Definitely want to see what the NISMO will be about, and not interested in another cliche red and grey trim package. Really liked the first gen...
  14. gurneyeagle500

    Two tone or One body color?

    Two-tone for me!
  15. gurneyeagle500

    What will stop you from owning the new Z?

    What will stop you from owning a Z? - getting over preconceived notions about Lotus. The new Emira is very tempting.
  16. gurneyeagle500

    Which 2022 Nissan Z trim model are you getting?

    If the Nismo/baby GT-R rumors turnout to be true, i'll probably go that route. If not, S/T for me.
  17. gurneyeagle500

    6 speed manual or 9 speed auto?

    Getting the auto this time. Didn't care for the clutch action in the 370Z; total crap compared to Porsche, Honda/Acura and Mazda. Add the CSC issue that doesn't seem to have been addressed, and it's a no-brainer for me. The DCT in my Audi is fantastic. Paddle shifting is as engaging as a...