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  1. Next-generation Subaru BRZ

    I just watched this - And I'd probably be happy with it, but it doesn't excite me as much as the Z. Don't butt fumble this, Nissan!
  2. Next-generation Subaru BRZ

    Wow, already got an email. Scooby sales people are hungry tonight, lol. Yeah, like where your head is at here.
  3. Next-generation Subaru BRZ

    I filled it out, thinking the next page would show me how much they're looking for in terms of reservations (curiosity, really), and it was like "great, x dealer will contact you soon!" Dammit.
  4. What will stop you from owning the new Z?

    I realize, and said as much when I posted it - was just trying to help him get around the paywall Regardless, promising to see improvements for them on bottom line via the link you shared I'm right there with you. Doesn't surprise me to see it on C8's, etc. for example - it's a complete...
  5. What will stop you from owning the new Z?

    same article posted here, without paywall - (note it was published August 2020) YOKOHAMA, Japan — Nissan CEO Makoto Uchida, combating to reboot the carmaker because it braces for its biggest-ever working annual...
  6. The All-New 2022 Subaru WRX (Teased)

    Had the same exact thought. What a massive disappointment.
  7. Going aftermarket wheels for your Nissan Z?

    I've always been a massive fan of RPF1's, they'd look killer on the new Z.
  8. Invite to 2022 Nissan Z Global Reveal!

    Closest thing I've seen -
  9. Going aftermarket wheels for your Nissan Z?

    I just fell out of my chair
  10. Florida Z Buyers

    Just got off the phone with her and sent along info. She seemed quite nice, promised she'd relay any information regarding pricing, availability, literature etc. as it is released. Thanks for the heads up! I'll keep folks updated on my POC down here, too - going to shoot him a text today to...
  11. Florida Z Buyers

    Interesting...where did that info come from - salesperson, GM? You add yourself, too? If you've a name/number I can reach out to, will happily send them my info. Gonna nudge my guy down here at some point this week, too, just to touch base.
  12. Florida Z Buyers

    Perfect, our numbers are growing. You've any relationships with dealers? Something tells me we won't really be able to get anything solidified until after August 17, but similar to SS727Z I'm also all for planning prior to the day.
  13. Florida Z Buyers

    Perfect. Hopefully a few others chime in to see where we are all at. Re: St Pete, I feel like I've seen good reviews about Crown Nissan? Went down a dealer rater rabbit hole recently, and IIRC they were very high on the list. I've been chatting with a rep from Palmetto57 in Miami, hit up a few...
  14. What will stop you from owning the new Z?

    I've been sweating this a little too (I'm 6'6") however Drive 615 said he's 6'5" and once settled in, felt pretty comfortable. Didn't adjust steering wheel because proto, but it alleviated a lot of fears for me (7:40ish in). Also pretty sure I spotted some gaps between wheel column and dash...
  15. Florida Z Buyers

    Thank you for making this post! I was debating doing so, but wasn't sure if anyone else here is in the state. What part of FL are you in? I'm in South Florida, don't have any relationships with dealers down here from past engagements but have struck up conversation a few times with one of the...
  16. Photos & Video: 2022 Nissan Z spotted testing in Arizona

    lol yeah that was pretty bad, but he immediately redeemed himself (and maybe came out net positive?) with the line about "it's beautiful" and "just imagine, unlike the Supra...that's Nissan's design. They didn't go to BMW and were like hey, can I copy your homework but change a couple things"
  17. August 17 NYIAS Nissan Z Unveiling + Attendee List

    I keep debating too. Love the idea of being able to sit in it, but dunno how they'd manage that - would think tons of people would want to. Wouldn't hate being wrong about that though
  18. What has your dealer told you about the Nissan Z?

    Ended up swinging by one of the bigger Nissan dealerships in the area this afternoon and talked to another salesperson. This gentleman was much more enthusiastic about the Z, which I loved - outside of just discussing what we've seen online, he confirmed that they've all been told absolutely...
  19. What has your dealer told you about the Nissan Z?

    Please do! And that's great, congrats. I may try to swing by one of the dealers I reached out to on Friday and try and talk to someone in person - also feels like another good way of making myself and intentions known.