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  1. fliplover

    New Orange Paint for 2024MY Nissan Z

    This has been my choice since I saw the TAS Proto car. If anyone from Nissan is reading this, PLEEEEEEASE bring this to North America!
  2. fliplover

    Nissan Concept 20-23

    I don't hate it...
  3. fliplover

    What is Fairlady?

    Fairlady is just the name of the Nissan Z in Japan. It does not represent any kind of special edition. Here's a short history of how the name came about.
  4. fliplover

    Current gas prices in your area? / Oil News

    I filled up on 87 at $3.29 this morning. It is only this low because Georgia Governor Kemp suspended the gas tax again.
  5. fliplover

    Cleaning the Windows

    In my opinion, you can't beat white vinegar and newspaper for window cleaning.
  6. fliplover

    Front license plate -- will you mount it or not?

    I find it rather ironic that the "Live free or die" state requires a front plate. P.S. I'm glad they put the Old Man of the Mountain on the plate. Unfortunately I never got a chance to see it in person.
  7. fliplover

    2023 Nissan Zs Spotted on Carrier Trucks

    That sure looks like a Japanese car carrier.
  8. fliplover

    Car Covers

    I don't recommend whoever made this one. 🤣
  9. fliplover

    What's in the news today... (NO COVID / POLITICS)

    The building they hit was my company's office until about 3 years ago.
  10. fliplover

    ZCON 2023

    You must have a pretty big back yard!
  11. fliplover

    Z32 overheating

    I would check your oil and coolant. If no water in the oil or oil in the coolant, you're probably ok.
  12. fliplover

    2023 Bose Speakers system

    This is my go to song when checking out a sound system It has a bit of everything.
  13. fliplover

    Error every time I drive. The car starts without issue but within 5 minutes This error message is displayed. Can anybody help!

    If I had to guess based on the dash indicators, it looks like the forward collision warning system has an issue. I'd make sure the sensor isn't blocked first. If still having an issue, take it to the dealer. I've seen the same thing on my wife's Rogue during very heavy rains.
  14. fliplover

    What's in the news today... (NO COVID / POLITICS) Of course this ended at a Waffle House.
  15. fliplover

    Random pics, vids & meme thread [NO POLITICS, WEAPONS or NSFW]

    I love this one. Cat: You see NOTHING!
  16. fliplover

    What's in the news today... (NO COVID / POLITICS)

    So very sad!
  17. fliplover

    New NISMO Z Revealed in Drifting Video Ahead of Summer Launch!

    Any word on whether the NISMO will be built in Tochigi? If they are, it will be unobtanium, likely worse than the current Z availability.
  18. fliplover

    New NISMO Z Revealed in Drifting Video Ahead of Summer Launch!

    It doesn't concern me since I don't need one in my state, but I wonder where the factory location is for the front plate? In the center would block the anti-collision sensor.
  19. fliplover

    2024 Nissan Z Order Guide

    The steering response and VDC control are just software though. Engine response also. It would be easy to add a Sport+ mode to a manual if they really wanted to.