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  1. KCZ

    Hello from Apex Wheels!

    Must have anthracite, gun metal, brushed silver, and not bronze. Everybody is selling bronze and black.
  2. KCZ

    Could someone please explain NissanConnect to me like I'm five?

    The dealers give out customers' Emails to everyone, Nissan Connect, Sirius, et al. Thank you so much. Nissan Connect also includes a roadside assistance feature, which is useless because it's already covered by my insurance company and AAA. You can get a Nissan Connect owner's manual with all...
  3. KCZ

    Hello from Apex Wheels!

    Their website doesn't show any fitments for the Z, and I couldn't find any in the right size.
  4. KCZ

    Nissan Concept 20-23

    I do. It should be a crime for anything that looks like that to be out on a public highway.
  5. KCZ

    Offical Wild Z Sighting Thread

    Who makes those wheels?
  6. KCZ

    NISMO Matte Gun Black LM GT4 for the RZ34 Z

    Ugh, just what we need, more black wheels.
  7. KCZ

    How to search for a Z

    I paid sticker price, plus dealer paperwork fees of a few hundred dollars.
  8. KCZ

    Offical Wild Z Sighting Thread

    I haven't seen any, but I get a lot of "Gee, this is the first one I've seen in the wild" from all sorts of car guys.
  9. KCZ

    Current gas prices in your area? / Oil News

    $4.69 for premium in NH.
  10. KCZ

    Torque Specs 2023 Z?

    It's 80 ft-lb. Someone (?MCN1SMO) posted this a while ago in a discussion about offsets.
  11. KCZ

    Comparison of ANC/ASE on and off

    I paid $84 for my 10 minutes.
  12. KCZ

    Upgraded Sway Bars?

    I just installed the Z1 sways with adjustable end links, waiting on the coilovers to be shipped.
  13. KCZ

    Which CAI cold intake to install?

    I installed the Z1 carbon fiber system last week, it was a royal PITA, and it's going to be equally frustrating to replace the filter. The Nismo filter is supposedly a lot easier to replace.
  14. KCZ

    Torque Specs 2023 Z?

    The 350Z required 80 ft-lb, FWIW.
  15. KCZ

    extended warranty says they offer an extended warranty but provide zero information about it.
  16. KCZ

    Bridgestone Potenza S007's - Worn through at 14,000 Miles!

    Depends on the tire. The Pirelli P Zero Corsa System tires that were OEM on the Evora lasted 4000 miles, and it also cost $4000 to replace a set. They were damn good tires though. Those Bridgestones were terrible. Lousy handling as well as poor wear. I switched them out for Toyos asap.
  17. KCZ

    What’s the Z Lug Torque Number???

    The 350Z was recommended to be 80.
  18. KCZ

    Torque Specs 2023 Z?

    Of course they don't want us to know that. We're supposed to call Nissan Roadside Assistance or use the OEM insufflation kit and sealant if we have a flat. They don't make any money if we torque our own lugs. Next question, is the Nissan Z service manual available online anywhere?
  19. KCZ

    Upgraded Sway Bars?

    How much clearance is there between the rear brace and the exhaust system? Enough for most aftermarket systems to fit?
  20. KCZ


    I just had Covrgard put on the front of my car. It looks a lot better than the XPel on my Porsche. I used an independent installer who selects the materials...he did an awesome job with this, wrapped all the edges, and ceramic-coated the back half of the car. IMHO, the choice of installer is...