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  1. rvlbrs

    Racebox Tuning Experience

    Did you do an updated heat exchanger as well or is that still the stock unit? When the time is right, i'm thinking it's between Racebox or SonicTuned for tuning.
  2. rvlbrs

    Z1 Motorsports Lip Kit

    I like that the design isn't busy. I'll definitely be buying one once they hit the site.
  3. rvlbrs

    Bought a new Z !!! east coast NY, LONG ISLAND

    Welcome to the club! Seems like more and more white ones are being bought :cool: Diggin the interior spec as well!
  4. rvlbrs

    New Z Acquired!

    Welcome to the owner's club! Black is a fantastic choice 👍
  5. rvlbrs

    NJ Owners

    That's 86 Day so will most likely be out cruising with my 86 people that day.
  6. rvlbrs

    NJ Owners

    Sounds like it's worth checking out 👍
  7. rvlbrs

    NJ Owners

    Nice one of my family members lives around there. Not too far from Trattoria.
  8. rvlbrs

    NJ Owners

    Are any other NJ owners in here? Trying to get us together sometime soon.
  9. rvlbrs

    Zeee Flutter - What are your plans? BOV or Compressor Surge?

    I'm curious about this too since I'm looking for a bit more noise in the engine bay. Tempted to go with the AMS intakes and if possible, HKS SSBOV.
  10. rvlbrs

    HKS 3BA/5BA-RZ34 VR30DDTT Super Turbo Muffler

    Absolutely! Yeah, I can't stand the extra theatrics some Youtubers have when shooting a video. It just doesn't come off as genuine when something epic or special actually happens. Stradman is probably the biggest offender in my book lol. Yeah, I'm IN LOVE with this HKS setup so far. It was the...
  11. rvlbrs

    HKS 3BA/5BA-RZ34 VR30DDTT Super Turbo Muffler

    I got Dual Hi-Power Titanium Tip Catback Exhaust. I might be interested in these. I'm sorta surprised there's no HKS setup yet. ----- Here's my youtube video
  12. rvlbrs

    HKS 3BA/5BA-RZ34 VR30DDTT Super Turbo Muffler

    Just installed mine yesterday. Definitely the #1 choice! Very satisfied because finally, the car is gratifying to hear! Just gotta work on getting some intakes that actually can be heard.:cool: My video on this exhaust goes live on Youtube tomorrow.
  13. rvlbrs

    Report: 2023 Nissan Z Production Lags Far Behind Due to Paint Problems

    I feel the same way. My gf and I don't think production will continue as long as they initially intended. I feel like 2025 is probably the year it'll get disco'd.
  14. rvlbrs

    2024 Nissan Z Order Guide

    That makes sense. I didn't think about that!
  15. rvlbrs

    2024 Nissan Z Order Guide

    They weirdly didn't stick with Z tradition with cycling paint codes. Typically they add a color and remove a color.
  16. rvlbrs

    Would you rather..?

    My gameplan: 1. HKS Cat-back Exhaust - Purchased (installing this weekend) 2. LED Map light bulb replacement 3. Lowering Springs -Maybe Eibach if they offer it 4. Spacers 5. AMS Heat Exchanger + Intakes* 6. Ecutek Tune - Will save DPs for next year *:A hard maybe since some have said no...
  17. rvlbrs

    My 2023 Z (Perf. Trim/MT/Everest White Tri-Coat) Photos + Comparison From an 86 and GR Supra Owner

    Thanks for the words and welcomes ya'll! Glad to be here! If anyone in the tri-state wants to do a Summer RZ34 meet, I'd be down to organize it! I'll create a thread in the regional section and gauge interest from there. I'm sure we'll have plenty to talk about when it comes to pre and...