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  1. DevonK

    Grassroots has a Z for review

    Grassroots Motorsports has as of today got their paws on a Z for review, and are asking readers what they want to know about the car:
  2. DevonK

    Swapping out the OEM Bridgestones for PS A/S4s?

    I wonder if a set of Pilot Sport A/S4s would be as grippy as the Bridgestones the Z ships with - Mark in the Savagegeese review that dropped today remarked that those Bridgestones were so low grip as to be analogous to the low-grip Primacies that came on the GT86 for years. For solely street...
  3. DevonK

    A week with the Z

    Very interesting review from someone who has had a week with it, brings up a lot of pertinent considerations for ownership.
  4. DevonK

    Ben Hardy - Back to Back Drive Review: 2023 Nissan Z vs. 2022 Toyota Supra

    A second Z review by the same guy, comparing it directly to a Supra back to back. (He had the Z for a full week and found it worked great as a daily.) He prefers the Z for its better handling predictability, grip on acceleration, and ride compliance.
  5. DevonK

    Canadian pricing announced

    $46,498 to $65,748 according to the review. They don't give the performance trim price but another reviewer has it at $58,498. Surcharge for auto of about $1500.
  6. DevonK

    Auto vs. Manual exhaust differences confirmed by Nissan -- automatic exhaust is louder

    Turns out the SAE noise compliance tests for both the AT and MT cars that the Z must pass differ in their required procedures quite signiificantly, and as a consequence the MT car has a slightly quieter exhaust...
  7. DevonK

    Take the Golf R off your list...

    R&T just ripped the Golf R a new one.... TLDR: Basically a soulless novocain-numbed washout.
  8. DevonK

    Media first-drive event: potential setups and their possible implications

    It won't be that many weeks before Nissan runs their first-drive event for the media - in fact, given the lead times necessary for booking a venue and accommodation, inviting attendees, etc., I'd bet the location and dates are already set up. The actual reviews will no doubt be embargoed for one...
  9. DevonK

    Suggested forum improvement

    @Administrator @supra93 @Haste I'm posting this here as there is no subforum dedicated to the forum itself. I could have PMed this but others might like to see and support my idea here. The list of "latest posts" that appears by default on the main landing page...
  10. DevonK

    Canadian Reserve List and Discussion

    I just reserved a Z on and thought it would be worthwhile starting a thread for those of us who have done so. Let us know what you have reserved! In my case I have booked a Performance MT in Gun Metallic. Expected delivery in the summer. Guess I need to change my avatar..... Ten...
  11. DevonK

    Any more news on the Canadian reservation system supposedly going online tomorrow (Feb 3)?

    Has anyone received any information from Nissan? (I never signed up for their feed as they required that you submit an outrageous amount of personal information (full address, phone number, etc.).)
  12. DevonK

    Whose Z reviews are you most looking forwards to? / Embargo lifts on 5/16. Which reviews will you watch first and why? Go....

    There should be a first-drive event at some point in the next 3 or so months - whose reviews are you most eager for, and why? For me SavageGeese would be near the top of the list - he's honest (he even found much to critique about his personal M3 a few years ago), goes into detail about all...
  13. DevonK

    DI issues with the engine?

    Just caught Savagegeese's informative video about DI and its maintenance issues. Does the VR30 have any oil/water separator to clean up the blowby being recycled through the PCV system? What's the track record of this engine re valve buildup?
  14. DevonK

    Is Nissan really serious about improving the Z's handling?

    Normally by the stage of the development cycle the Z has now reached, for any serious sports/performance car there are plenty of photos and videos of prototypes testing out on a track (see for example the recent videos of the 2023 Civic Type R on the Ring). My memory may be off here but I don't...
  15. DevonK

    Just what was Nissan's thinking about how we'll drive the Z?

    The new Z comes with a plethora of safety systems for collision avoidance and mitigation, so it would seem Nissan takes driver safety seriously. But it appears the MT models offer only a simple binary on/off for TC/VDC - this on a car where Nissan has to know that drivers are going to want to...
  16. DevonK

    Questions about the Synchro rev-match system

    Two questions for 370Z owners out there: Does the rev-matching function when you shift down into first? I read about one car where it doesn't but don't remember if it was the 370Z, might have been the Civic Type R. Also: is it a smart or dumb system? Does it always assume you are only going...
  17. DevonK

    The new Z: what's missing?

    While the new Z looks to be very strong, there are always compromises being made at this price point. What do you feel could or should have been on the new Z that isn't? And would you be willing to pay a little more for it? For me, there are three features apparently missing (at least based on...
  18. DevonK

    Steering rack

    I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere - is Nissan going to stick with a hydraulic power steering system? I loved the steering feel on the 370, wouldn't want to lose that to an EPS setup. But given industry trends I am not hopeful.