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  1. Mr&Mrs

    Seibon MB Style Lip Kit

    This kit is not even on Seibons website yet (Maybe they will soon update it). I seen it on Z1's website with no option to order, just unavailable. I also couldnt seem to find it listed anywhere else. I called Seibon directly and was surprised to find out the had 3 sets of side skirts in stock...
  2. Mr&Mrs

    Z1 Motorsports Lip Kit

    Not sure when this is releasing. During my recent order I asked about it and was told “hopefully soon”.
  3. Mr&Mrs

    New Member New Z!

    Hi everyone, my new Z should be arriving this weekend. Last week I sent out offers to nearly 50 dealerships that had a Z listed for sale. My exterior color choices in order (in laymen terms) were yellow, white, blue, and black. This car really wears it colors well and wasn't an easy choice...