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  1. Go2ZZZ

    Water and oil temps

    Hey Guys, I was wondering what the average of both should be. I know some places with higher climates can change all that. I have a range of 204-214F just idling. Albeit, today was like 93F. But speaking to someone else, they had hotter humid temps and his readings were much lower than mine...
  2. Go2ZZZ

    Swift Springs now available for Z

    Apparently, they are now available for the new Z on Z1 website for anyone who is interested. However, when I went to Swifts website, the new Z is not under the application list for Nissan cars. Anyone know anything on this?
  3. Go2ZZZ

    D2 Racing Coilovers Does anyone know brand or have any experience with them?
  4. Go2ZZZ

    Warranty and Mods

    Hey guys, called a few Nissan service departments to see how consistent the answers are. They seem to be all on the same page. If you mod the car it is voided. Even for a cold air intake (“it takes in more air then it’s intended”) was the quote I got. Same bs with a cat back exhaust. Now, my...
  5. Go2ZZZ

    Z secured in Canada! (Go2zzz Z)

    Hello Ladies and Gentleman, I have officially secured my Z! Paper is all done and now waiting for delivery via enclosed trailer to my house within 2 weeks time. As some of you may know me over the past year or so. During our 1 week limited pre order (before it went online nationwide) on...
  6. Go2ZZZ

    Nissan Z appears in Jay Leno Garage Season Premiere. Fast & Furious Appearance Confirmed

    Watched only the Z segments but the actress foreshadowing that maybe the new Z will be in the new fast and furious movies! Was hinted long time ago, I know. But this pretty much confirms it. Probably used as a drifting part of the movie as she “can’t spoil it” but mentioned right after if Jay...
  7. Go2ZZZ

    VIN Number - how to get?

    Hey guys, I have been seeing guys on Facebook pages posting VIN numbers. I was wondering when people get VIN numbers from their dealer, how long does it typically take to get to them?
  8. Go2ZZZ

    AMS Downpipes & Fuel System now available for 2023 Nissan Z

    Looks like they have them ready to order right now! Full down pipes and Lower down pipes. even noticed they have 23 Nissan Z listed for HPFP if I even get this car I would def order the full down pipes
  9. Go2ZZZ

    Rays ZE40 - Photoshop?

    Hey guys, anyone who knows how to photoshop can maybe put some ZE40s on the yellow Z. I really wanna see what it would look like. If anyone can do it that would be awesome!
  10. Go2ZZZ

    (Spanish) The New 2023 Nissan Z | Launch Control & Revew: What a Car!!! | Dani Clos

    Is the embargo still on? This guy is giving reviews/impressions
  11. Go2ZZZ

    U.S. Price to be revealed May 16th (when press embargo lifts)?

    I’ve heard some rumblings about the above date will be released. The above link is a new video on YouTube and says he can’t release HIS review of the car till the 18th of May. Which makes sense with the May 16 price reveal. something to look forward to.
  12. Go2ZZZ

    Why the long delay in pricing?

    Just curious, what is the motive here? What kind of strategy is Nissan think they are achieving? It’s time to release these details. It’s been forever! Just release it already! Sorry just needed to vent ffs
  13. Go2ZZZ

    Lighting - (Yes, I am do one Ricer Mod)

    I had it in my show car Integra 20 years ago - I will get lighting under the car. For show purposes . Want a yellow to go with my Yellow Z. Anyone know of a good brand?
  14. Go2ZZZ

    Special Edition Z

    So, they are only making 240 of these??? I really want one but scared of that price tag.\ Now, if I cant get a hold of one and not affordable, can I still get the same color in the performance model and yellow painted calipers?
  15. Go2ZZZ

    GTA (Greater Toronto Area)

    Hey guys, anyone from the GTA? let’s chat here!