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  1. digitaltrance

    Coming Soon from AWE: Full 3" Catbacks for Nissan Z

    Wow, that sounds great. When will we hear more? Please keep us updated!
  2. digitaltrance

    SPOTTED! 2024 NISMO Z driving in public

    I really wanted a Nismo, but I gotta have my M/T.
  3. digitaltrance


    Road trip is always good for a proper engine break-in
  4. digitaltrance

    Z1 Motorsports Lip Kit

    My kind of style. Simple, clean, easy install.
  5. digitaltrance

    Swift springs installed 🎉

    Perfect drop. What is that about 1" on the front and back? How is the ride?
  6. digitaltrance

    Carbon interior parts from RSW Japan

    I'd dig it if they had matte finish. The gloss is played out for CF interior aftermarket, IMO.
  7. digitaltrance

    Company that has precut PPF films for exterior parts on the Z

    Came across this site that makes precut films for headlights, fog lights, taillights, as well as the fender blinkers and bumper side markers. They have some for the New Z...
  8. digitaltrance

    2024 Nissan Z Order Guide

    I am personally disappointed in the color pallet for the Z. They have 3 grey/silver colors. If they could have put just 1 grey/silver color option and replaced it with 2 new colors that would have been nice (i.e dark green).
  9. digitaltrance

    New NISMO Z Revealed in Drifting Video Ahead of Summer Launch!

    Yeah, I was hoping they would have used the Fairlady front bumper as well! That would have been game for me WITH a manual transmission.
  10. digitaltrance

    Dark Green Nissan Z Spotted on a Trailer! / 240 being used in Fast 10?

    Man, hopefully Nissan will include green for 2025, 26 etc.
  11. digitaltrance

    Nissan Z shoes, apparel and merchandise

    Hey guy, does anyone know if Nissan released official apparel (hats, t-shirts, etc.) for the new Z yet? Thanks!
  12. digitaltrance


    I want a dark/forest green :(
  13. digitaltrance

    Vehicle Virgins Drives The Manual Z

    What better person to do a test run....
  14. digitaltrance

    2023 Nissan Z Launch Delayed Until Summer 2022

    Market crash incoming. They know.
  15. digitaltrance

    Some perspective on the Z Launch!

    There is talk of a major financial collapse, tie that in with supply chain and sky high inflation, fuel prices. IMO Nissan will slow play this release.