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  1. ZEDFEST 2023 - Warragamba Dam NSW - 15 Oct 23

    Zedders, Registration is open for the Z Car Club NSW's Zedfest, the club is aiming to get 100 Z's there. If you've got a new one (or an older one), get along to it, it should be a great event. Rego link: ttps://
  2. Z Driving Routes & Meets

    Next Cars & Coffee in Canberra: Sunday 24 September. If you're a local or in the region, join us to meet up beforehand and cruise together to the event. Pic thanks to on IG.
  3. Z Driving Routes & Meets

    Good times in Canberra at Cars 'n Coffee! Apparently around 200 cars total, with a really good variety. Great getting a few Z's together & awesome cruising with the different generations. We've got a good local crew & are planning to join on events with the NSW Z Club.
  4. You can put a child seat in the Z?

    Looks like it’s passenger seat.
  5. Car Covers

    I ordered the OEM Nissan part, I ended up returning it. It felt like pretty solid plastic & better suited for outdoors. Not convinced that it wouldn't end up scratching things. Had to order it kind of blind though as there's no details on the Nissan parts site.
  6. You can put a child seat in the Z?

    I figured it was for the passenger seat? I think there's something in the owners manual about it.
  7. You can put a child seat in the Z?

    I use that to clip my dog harness to lol, she loves riding in the trunk--great visibility!
  8. 2024 Nissan Z Nismo Revealed with 420 HP / 384 LB-FT + Auto Transmission Only

    Can confirm from hearing the Nismo car revved in person, it sounds the same (i.e., pretty quiet still). Nismo track exhaust on the other hand is a massive improvement.
  9. Z Driving Routes & Meets

    Any lurkers from the ACT & surrounds: Cars 'n' Coffee at Majura Park this Sunday morning. A few of us are meeting up beforehand & cruising over, shoot me a message if you'd like to join.
  10. Chris Forsberg at Willow Springs

    Even just the carbon wing goes really well. Would have been great to see one on a blue. ZCon luckily lined up with another trip! Pretty wild-was only in the US a couple of days. Got straight out to that Autowerkz show after landing, the motorsports events/tech talks Friday, and the show...
  11. Chris Forsberg at Willow Springs

    His personal Z was one of my favourites at ZCon, the Seibon carbon really goes well with the car/accentuates some of the S30 styling IMO:
  12. Whine from drivetrain (high pitch)

    No similar noise from mine either, hope you get it sorted.
  13. ZCON 2023

    Yeah the Hilton Doubletree near the convention centre. There were a few other sites throughout the week for different events. I think next year’s is Florida.
  14. Z1 Motorsports ZM-23's

    I posted a bunch of pics in the ZCon thread, there’s some different wheels there to check out.
  15. ZCON 2023

    Ontario in Los Angeles. Worth getting to!
  16. ZCON 2023

  17. Z1 Motorsports ZM-23's

    Saw the car at Z Con & wouldn’t say I loved them, as mentioned the spokes are a bit flat.
  18. Hands Up all the Aussies

    Congrat's Peter, awesome you got your car. Blue looks great but maybe I'm biased lol. These cars are still super rare and look like nothing else out there. If you & anyone else here are in NSW, join the NSW Z Club. Great crew, super friendly, and there's ZedFest on in October. See you on the...