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  1. JohnNYC

    Filled gas tank, but fuel gauge and DTE remained unchanged

    I just fueled my 2023 Nissan Z performance 6 speed for the 2nd time. It had approximately 1/3 tank of gas and was reading 144 miles on the DTE. I filled the tank, I did not top it off. The engine was turned off and the key was in my pocket. When I started the Z neither the fuel gauge nor the DTE...
  2. JohnNYC

    Picked up 2023 Nissan Z Performance 6 speed in Boulder Gray / Blue suede/leather!

    I found a 2023 Nissan Z Performance 6 speed in boulder gray/blue suede/leather in NJ and picked her up on Tuesday! Great experience with Chris@Sansone Jr's 66 Nissan in Neptune NJ. I had her flatbed transported to my car spa in Brooklyn to apply transparent paint protection wrap (Xpel product)...