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  1. Brock

    9AT jerks forward when stopping?

    I would recommend taking to your local Nissan dealer, and let them do a diagnostic. This way they set up a ticket that’s sent to Nissan, and then if enough people experience this same situation. They can come up with a solution. Also I would like to know if anyone has experienced an unlocking...
  2. Brock

    Anyone do their own maintenance?

    Ya it’s a leader item for most dealers. But a deal nonetheless
  3. Brock

    Anyone do their own maintenance?

    I have the oil changed done at the dealership. Cheaper than doing it at home. My dealership charges around $47.00 for an oil change, with filter. Full synthetic! 😊
  4. Brock

    2023 Bose Speakers system

    A DAC is an Audio to Digital converter. Go to All the information you need is there 😊
  5. Brock

    Just a license plate frame but….this one hits hard 💙

    My younger brother died of Duodenal cancer. Watched him waist away from chemo. Cancer affects almost everyone. I can only imagine what you must be going through. Having two parents to worry about! Thoughts, and prayers!
  6. Brock

    New Nissan Z Commercial "Be Moved"

    Lol If the car only sounded that good. And they are also literally selling a dream, as you can’t get one! BUT! That was a really good commercial! 😊
  7. Brock

    Texas members gather here...

    Don’t live in Texas, but drive there for groceries lol. Whilst at a coffee shop, this guy pulled up! We test drove each others cars. Very fun, as I’ve always wanted to drive a Supra. As he wanted to drive a Z. B😊
  8. Brock

    New Z Acquired!

    So happy that we have another member with a Z! I understand your wanting to wait to tune after the warranty. But may I suggest the JB4 tuner from BurgerTuning! It piggybacks onto your existing computer, as it easily removes so that no one will know that it was ever there. It’s also adaptive, so...
  9. Brock

    First sighting - Yellow in El Paso

    How sad that we cheer when someone sees another Z! Lol
  10. Brock

    Michelin PS4S tires = Big Difference on 2023 Z

    Lol! Ya! I never even tried the Bridgestone tires. I had purchased purchased the Pilot P4 S’s about 1 month before the car was scheduled to arrive at the dealership. I had them install the tires before I took possession of the vehicle. I had read that the Bridgestone tires were crap lol. I...
  11. Brock

    The Bose System - Parts, Custom Materials, Replacements, In's-&-Out's

    Ok! So what, and where are you putting the head unit? 😊
  12. Brock

    Difference between 370Z and Z?

    Congratulations on your new Z! As the new Z weighs in at around 3,600 lbs, it’s 100 lbs heavier than the 370 Z. I have never driven mine with the stock tires, as I had them replaced with Michelin Pilot P 4’s before I even drove it lol! It really sticks to the road, although it still has some...
  13. Brock

    2023 Bose Speakers system

  14. Brock

    2023 Bose Speakers system

    All opinions are welcomed here! 😊
  15. Brock

    2023 Bose Speakers system

    I have an Astell&Kern SP3000. It’s around $3800. Once the Z’s Bose system breaks in, and you adjust the equalizer. You will hear an amazing sound system in your car. Trust me! I took mine to a CarToys, and they said that it would cost upwards of $8,000 to equal the sound from the Bose. I...
  16. Brock

    Difference between 370Z and Z?

    The main difference is Power/Tech! My last car was a 2017 6 speed 370Z. I have 6 speed Performance. Shifting is so smooth. Cruze control very accurate, as it puts on the brakes to maintain accurate speeds. Side collision monitoring takes the guesswork out of lane changes. Same gas mileage. And...
  17. Brock

    Z1 Undershroud

    I’m interested as well! Strong aluminum is much better at protecting than plastic.