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    2024 Z NISMO Reviews How the NISMO Compares with the Performance Model During even our initial encounter, the Performance and NISMO models felt night and day different at Sonoma Raceway. Push the Performance model hard, and...
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    New Orange Paint for 2024MY Nissan Z

    Please have this available! I'd be willing to pay (a little bit over) MSRP 🤣 First choice now, kicking Boulder Gray to 2nd favorite hah!
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    2024 Z NISMO Reviews

    This is good. "night and day" difference vs Performance, says a lot! I'll be at Buttonwillow with Speed Ventures next month, hope to see this Nismo, or any RZ34, out there.
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    2024 Z NISMO Reviews

    Many reviewers are impressed by the overall performance, which is good for the Z. It seems like Nissan is shooting for the goal to duplicate how the GTR was first delivered 'tuned' for max performance at both launches and track behavior. Looks like Nissan did a lot of tuning on the suspension...
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    Hello from Apex Wheels!

    Quality wheels! Used extensively in the BMW world competitively, I used them on many track days. Glad you're making fitments for the RZ34.
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    Offical Wild Z Sighting Thread

    No pics, didn’t happen 🤣
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    How to search for a Z

    Apprec it, keep it up!! 👍
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    How to search for a Z

    More interested in who here has gotten their Z at or $2K max ADM? We know that the market has been nuts earlier but Z demand has cooled of (except Nismo). I'm still in the market but at MSRP only.
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    Stage 1 done and dyno'd (sample videos within)

    Good, step-wise approach and good numbers. Have a chart of the stock curve to compare, torque profile? What is your goal for the Z, street, autox, road course, drags?
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    Offical Wild Z Sighting Thread

    You didn't even turn around and snap quality ones?? Hmm not much of a fan huh?!;)
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    Offical Wild Z Sighting Thread

    Haven't seen one rolling around, plenty on displays and shows, and I'm in So CA. Sad really, Nissan:rolleyes:
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    Pics & Vids of Nissan Z with aftermarket wheels

    Yep nice setup! Watanabes match well with that color👏👍
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    Bridgestone Potenza S007's - Worn through at 14,000 Miles!

    Is your Z at factory ride height, i.e. not lowered? Those LCAs sure looked angled like more neg camber at those rear tires. Or, you're carrying more weight back there? It's camber wear and soft S007s, nothing else.
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    New Z meets 1990 Z32 TT!

    Congrats, great pics! Except for the in-the-family taillights, those two designs are so different, now that they're side by side. The Z32 is beautiful, flowing design, one of the best Nissan penned, love the waterfall center console. Of course the new Z is a killer design too, so much heritage!
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    Savagegeese review vs S650 GT

    I know, tracked my GT PP2 often enough, power, brakes, Recaros are great, as close to the GT350 as you can get plus better Coyote reliability than the Voodoo. Also instruct locally at times. Sold the ‘Stang because it’s just too big and heavy tossing it around, kept the RB 240Z. Why I’m still...
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    Savagegeese review vs S650 GT

    True, sizing and driving dynamics are different, but in today's times any performance coupe WITH manual $60K and under with plenty of horsepower is far fewer, could be more cross-shopping.
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    Watanabe Racing F8 Type Gunmetal Rims have arrived!

    I'll be at JCCS Long Beach next month, sure will talk to Watanabe reps there on availability and sizing for the Z. Last year they don't have it on their catalog. Love my 16x9/9.5 set on the S30, so classic! These will be awesome on the new Z.
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    Savagegeese review vs S650 GT

    As always, nice detailed review. Thoughts? I'd still take a Sport MT and mod it, tires, suspension and brakes first definitely. Tailor to my setup.
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    Definitely PPF at least the front bumper if tripping, you'll be glad. I've taken several trips in my Model Y, definitely a bug catcher but PPF protects. Use only XPEL, don't skimp on quality.