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  1. codygrimm27

    R&T: Nissan 400Z could be the enthusiast warrior the world needs
  2. codygrimm27

    Nissan Z Instrument Panel Was Developed With Input From Nissan Race Driver

    Neat. Always wanted some kind of subtle shift light on my GTR for autocross & track days.
  3. codygrimm27

    What has your dealer told you about the Nissan Z?

    Yesterday called 2 separate dealers. One had heard of the car coming & the other didn't really have any info. The one got my phone number & said he will send me any updates. Other one also got my number but seemed unsure of the situation. The better dealer is a GTR dealer so maybe that'll help...
  4. codygrimm27

    CarBuzz: Up Close & Personal With The New Nissan Z

    Wasn't sure if this was posted but gave a really nice close-up perspective. Really hoping this car happens
  5. codygrimm27

    Nissan Z Proto appears at morning cruise event in Tokyo

    Raise your hand if you will be swapping the rear badge to the "Fairlady Z"
  6. codygrimm27

    What has your dealer told you about the Nissan Z?

    It would be so nice to just get on Nissan's website when the car becomes available, build your own anyway you want & have it shipped to your closest dealership at MSRP. That would be nice.
  7. codygrimm27

    Photos & Video: 2022 Nissan Z spotted testing in Arizona

    Also curious. I wonder if sharing several things with the previous Z helps the speed of production?
  8. codygrimm27

    Anyone place deposit for 2022 Nissan Z or gotten on waitlist?

    Curious to see what dealer markups are.