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  1. New Member Introductions

    It's quite possible. DM'd!
  2. ZdayZ 2021

    My thoughts exactly. That, and the C8/TLX are just priced out of my current comfort level (which I believe reflects a large portion of the community). Knowing Nissan's success with the Z platforms, especially 240 and 300, as well as the R35, I look for the new Z to be hugely successful in terms...
  3. Nissan Z Instrument Panel Was Developed With Input From Nissan Race Driver

    Not exactly. I would assume that the shift light is programmable (most likely from the factory and/or with aftermarket tuning). The auto prototype shows paddle shifters, so desired shift points may very.
  4. The failed Nissan Z concept of 1999

    Such a bummer, these were one of my favorite Nissan chassis of all time. The styling ques were spot-on, even for this day to me. We had our hands on a few S15s years ago for racing and product development. It's a shame there weren't more around.
  5. Photos & Video: 2022 Nissan Z spotted testing in Arizona

    I wish we still could! We no longer have any techs and sold our lifts aside from one for for product development so we can specialize in manufacturing. I'd suggest TPG tuning (one of our techs now works there). Also, we are getting ready to move into a new facility this weekend, which is...
  6. New Member Introductions

    I'm happy to join and be part of the community! Unfortunately I do not have any great contacts or access to information of interest on these, at least yet. It seems like it's extremely difficult to get any reliable information from dealerships or sales associates regardless of platform, unless...
  7. New Member Introductions

    Hey guys, not really an introduction guy, but why not. I've been a long time lurker of the Z forums/pages, laying low after playing "adult" and not owning anything fun for about 8 years now. I'm the Sales Manager at PRL Motorsports and help oversee production, so I've been fortunate enough to be...
  8. What has your dealer told you about the Nissan Z?

    This. I'd preorder and deposit day 1
  9. Photos & Video: 2022 Nissan Z spotted testing in Arizona

    I'm freaking pumped, let's go!