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  1. Bestcarweb Japan: Nissan Z Nismo

    Nope. I'm getting the new Z as soon as it is available for MSRP, or hopefully a little less. I don't want to wait any longer than that. I want a fun car now. Will I trade that car for the NISMO when it comes out? Quite possibly!
  2. Mark you calendars, August 17th is Nissan Z Reveal Day!

    I would just like to thank Dan Passe for joining this forum and answering all the questions he is able to answer!
  3. 2022 Nissan Z Details: MSRP pricing, packages, power (hp), weight, transmission + more

    To Mr. Dan Passe, I'm considering a trip to the Chicago Auto Show next month just to see the new Z. I realize there is a lot about the new car that can't be revealed yet, but can you confirm or deny there will be a Z at the show so I don't wast a trip?
  4. Nissan Z Proto [Exclusive Interior & Exterior Footage]

    I think the rev to the redline is just a simulation. I've seen that in multiple videos online where the car isn't even running.
  5. Infotainment Camera Button?

    My wife's Rogue has this. It really comes in handy when parking. I truly hope it's in the new Z as well.
  6. Rear Z Badge Outside of Japan

    I have a Fairlady Z badge sitting in my toolbox just itching to be put on a new Z.
  7. Orders Open on 11/15/21 for 2022 Nissan Z

    I saw that production date on a YouTube comment somewhere also. You confirming it makes it more likely to be true. Can't wait!!!
  8. New photos & video of 2022 Nissan Z testing - with new grille design?

    The wart like antenna is definitely visible on the leaked production car photos. But yeah, I agree with you about the placement.–-pics-videos.143/
  9. Nissan Z vs Toyota Supra

    I work for a multinational company selling and servicing industrial equipment engineered and manufactured in Japan and also equipment engineered and manufactured in Germany. From my experience both with our equipment and our competitor's equipment, I'll choose Japanese over German made any day...
  10. ZdayZ 2021

    Just got my time off approved. I'm making a day trip tomorrow 5/21. I'm looking forward to seeing all the older cars, but I'm especially hoping to see a new Z. Either the Proto or one of the other ones that have been spied recently.
  11. Nissan Z Instrument Panel Was Developed With Input From Nissan Race Driver

    Uber cool! Makes me want one with a manual even more.
  12. What has your dealer told you about the Nissan Z?

    So if my math is correct, the MSRP in Australia is 25 - 30% more than the MSRP here in the US. WOW!
  13. Nissan Z Proto appears at morning cruise event in Tokyo

    I already have one waiting in my toolbox!
  14. New Member Introductions

    Howdy. I've been lurking this forum for awhile. I used to have a '78 280Z that I had to sell when my wife at the time got knocked up. While i love my son dearly, I do miss that car! I almost pulled the trigger on a 370 a couple years back, but I'm glad I waited. I cannot wait for the new Z...