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  1. Mark you calendars, August 17th is Nissan Z Reveal Day!

    Alfonso Albaisa just posted on his IG as well
  2. Nissan Z Proto Clay Model

    Could this be the Nismo version? Hmmmmm....
  3. Anyone Else Think New Z is Going to Pull A C8?

    We shouldn't forget that there is a chip shortage and supply chain shortage right now which is causing the delay in new cars to be built. The reason for high markup on the C8 is because it is the new vette, but Chevy can't build them fast enough to meet demand. Supply and demand issue.
  4. What other cars are you considering?

    At one point I was looking into a F30 340i. I went to Carmax and test drove one and the power of the B58 was fun, but since I keep my cars for a long time I decided against it because of negative perception of German reliability. I also was looking into a 2017-18 Chevy Camaro SS 1LE, but...
  5. New Member Introductions

    Hi All, I bought my first Z in 2012. It was a 2004 350z enthusiast model with a 6 speed manual and I owned this car for 4 years. Then in 2019 I bought a 2014 370z with sport pack with 7at. I only owned the car for one year and when covid hit I sold the car and made a nice profit. I also still...