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  1. Haste

    Bestcarweb Japan: Nissan Z Nismo

    Yes, I'm holding off to see what the top of the line version with a manual trans ends up being.
  2. Haste

    Nissan Z vs Toyota Supra

    This is all just my best guess as to what they were thinking... they wanted to put an I6 in it without developing another one themselves. I'm not sure how enticing a 311 hp NA V6 is these days without adding a turbo or two, and they'd have a whole different group of people in tears had they not...
  3. Haste

    Toyota Presents World Debut of the New 2022 GR 86

    We're getting both. Picking up a BRZ or 86 late this year or early next year, and a Z most likely in '23.
  4. Haste

    What Exhaust will it have, adaptive maybe

    FI will get my $ this time. Wish they made exhaust for the N54 :(
  5. Haste

    Production Z Spotted in Gray and Silver! – Pics & Videos

    Glad to see that the exterior door handles on these models echo the Proto, and they didn't switch them up to look more like the 350/370 so far. It's one of the first things that I noticed on the Proto and was really hoping they would make it to production.
  6. Haste

    New Member Introductions

    Previous S13, Z33 and Z34 owner here. I currently drive a E92 335i. I absolutely love the new Z and will probably pick up a '23 or '24 model. Here's a couple pics of my Z's and one of my current ride.
  7. Haste

    Nissan Z Production Colors Simulation Renderings

    Can't wait to get one in white.