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  1. Mark you calendars, August 17th is Nissan Z Reveal Day!

    Yes!!! I cannot wait!
  2. Nissan Z Instrument Panel Was Developed With Input From Nissan Race Driver

    Too late! I saw it already! Just kidding, happens to the best of us... we are all eager to see anything new on this. I keep checking everyday now that is summer for anything at all new!
  3. New Member Introductions

    I am just happy they are releasing a manual transmission sports car. Everyone else has gone to CUVs and SUVs... ugh.
  4. Anyone place deposit for 2022 Nissan Z or gotten on waitlist?

    I am in Concord, we should definitely get a group together once these things finally come out!
  5. Anyone place deposit for 2022 Nissan Z or gotten on waitlist?

    I asked the local dealer here in North Carolina about pre-orders and they said they aren't taking them yet. I got added to a mailer that will let me know when it is opened up though. In the mean time, I might check back in frequently just so they know I am serious.
  6. New Member Introductions

    Hello everyone! I just found out about this forum while hunting for news on the the new Z. I, like many others, have been following it for awhile now. I have always loved the old 240 and 280z cars and even got a 2003 350Z for a track car (I had to sell it when I moved, but man what a great...