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  1. Nissan Z Proto: Here's What We Learned After Seeing It in Person

    I'm sure there is some reason for it (ease of manufacturing, aerodynamics?), but too many automakers these days weaken the design of their sports cars with a "feature" that I could really do without - the flattened arc of bodywork adjacent to the wheel cutouts. Just imagine how much better that...
  2. 2022 Nissan Z Spied Testing On The Street In Colorado

    As much as I'd love a metallic/mica BRG (the Hakone version of the 86 has a great take on this colour) I very much doubt we'd see it in as a standard Z colour. Foreign carmakers nearly always limit themselves to red, blue, and monochromatic for their moderately priced sports/performance cars...
  3. Bestcarweb Japan: Nissan Z Nismo

    Don't worry, they'll be using up all available supply on the steering wheel hub so they won't add more (see the prototype).
  4. Bestcarweb Japan: Nissan Z Nismo

    Way too much red trim, looks cheap.
  5. Nismo Z Expectations/Wants

    Test drove a Camaro of the current gen and found its outward visibility appalling, it was like driving a tank. Hard pass. The new Z's rear sightlines aren't great either but at least the car is a reasonable size - and should have BSM, RCTA, and parking sensors, maybe even 360 cameras as options..
  6. Nissan Z Proto [Exclusive Interior & Exterior Footage]

    Finally a video with sound - and if the car sounds as good from the driver's seat as this proto does, it's going to sell itself no problem, that engine/exhaust note is right on the money. It sounds SO much better than four bangers like the CTR and the twins. Question: why was the audio cut out...
  7. Nismo Z Expectations/Wants

    Don't see it ever being AWD. What would get me spending the extra $: magnetic adaptive dampers, track-capable brakes and cooling to prevent limp mode on track, an eLSD with true torque vectoring, active exhaust. A 360 camera would be nice, rear parking sensors and cross-traffic alert should be...
  8. 2022 Nissan Z Details: MSRP pricing, packages, power (hp), weight, transmission + more

    If the information is true, the company is likely going to ignore it. Making claims of it being wrong when it's later proved to be right will only make them seem mendacious (not to mention stupid).
  9. Videos: Z Proto Reviews, Reactions, Analysis

    Damn well better be, carrying over a 12 year old system is ridiculous.
  10. Videos: Z Proto Reviews, Reactions, Analysis

    That depends. From what I've seen in recent car reviews, Bose car audio quality ranges from horrible to OK-ish. They do have decent noise cancellation tech which can be used to negate exhaust drone.
  11. Production Z Spotted in Gray and Silver! – Pics & Videos

    For those not looking for a track car, a Nismo with significant suspension changes could result in a too-uncomfortable ride unless Nissan goes with adaptive dampers. The current standard Z has a firm enough ride for street use.
  12. Nissan Z Proto appears at morning cruise event in Tokyo

    Industry-wide the trend generally is in the wrong direction, with cars getting higher cowls and beltlines, and squatter greeenhouses. The 370Z is at the liveability limit already in that respect, the new one better be no worse....
  13. Nissan Z Proto appears at morning cruise event in Tokyo

    Maybe that guy has a very short torso, but when he was in cockpit the car's cowl appeared to be very high, practically level with his chin. Not what I want to see in any car, poor forward visibility will be a deal killer.
  14. Nissan Z vs Toyota Supra

    For a pain-free-BMW experience, either lease it, or even better - own it virtually! I drive them all in Forza Horizon 4 lol...
  15. 2022 Nissan Z Spied in Silver Again (@ Arizona)

    Did you drive one of the newer 370s with the Exedy clutch Nissan brought to the car when they finally realized theirs was a POS? IT was decent. I'd add the Miata ND to the list of cars with an A+ MT.
  16. Nissan Z Proto Clay Model

    ^ How do people actually drive these things? They make many race cars look like off-roaders. Front lift kits, I would guess.
  17. 2022 Nissan Z Spied in Silver Again (@ Arizona)

    Can't remember much about it from old test drives, wasn't terrible IMO but nothing as good as say the Miata ND's. Savagegeese hated it, said it was like stirring through 50 pounds of rubber in his last 370 review.
  18. C/D Lightning Lap Data

    Getting a real LSD sounds very doubtful based on what I have read, the 400Z is in truth a major refresh with a new engine and skin rather than a new platform/chassis or even suspension, so the viscous LSD is likely to remain. As will the CSC on the MT. Hope I am wrong on both counts.
  19. C/D Lightning Lap Data

    FWIW (which is isn't much) the Z with the Q60's VR30DDTT and a 9 sp auto was 6.1 seconds quicker around VIR than the current Nismo Z when going flat out (qualifying) with 100% AI ability and with semi-slicks on all cars. So if you subtract that 6 seconds from the Nismo's lap time above that...
  20. C/D Lightning Lap Data

    My guess is it will come in around the CTR's time. I have used dynos from the new engine (now in the Q60 Red Sport) to create a 370 with the new torque and power profile in Assetto Corsa and will run some AI laps at 100% ability on VIR for both engines to see what difference the power and...