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  1. c.jizzle

    OEM Performance 2023 Z WHEELS/TIRES FS

    $2200 for this set of performance OEM 2023 Nissan Z wheels and tires (center caps included). Rays wheels: Front - 19" x 9.5" +40mm Rear - 19" x 10" +30mm Lug Pattern - 5x114.3 Bridgestone Potenza S007 F: P255/40R19, R: P275/35R19 These tires go for $800 each on the z1 website for just the...
  2. c.jizzle

    Fireewall Grommet

    Can anyone tell me where the firewall grommet is located? I'm trying to run some wires from the engine bay to the cabin. Looked on Google, couldn't find anything. Thanks.
  3. c.jizzle

    Z1 S-Pro Coilovers and misc suspension parts INSTALLED!

    Z1 Motorsports S-PRO Coilovers, Adjustable Front Upper Control Arms, Rear Camber/ Traction Arms, Front and Rear Sway Bars + End Links, Height Adjusted and Alignment Performed. Lowered and Fitted on Work Emotion ZR10 2P Wheels and Michelin PS4S 🔥 I think it looks great, what do you guys think...
  4. c.jizzle

    Drop Your IG

    @bigznrg follow my build. I'll follow you back.
  5. c.jizzle

    Work Emotion Zr10s Wheels (MOUNTED!!)

    -Work Emotion Zr10 19x9.5+12 front 19x11+16 rear -Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S 275/35 ZR19 (100Y) front 295/35 ZR19 (104Y) rear The biggest complaint I've seen on the 2023 Nissan Z is the OEM tires. In comparison, the PS4S is night and day!! Super quiet!! Hook way better and substantially less tire...
  6. c.jizzle

    Ceramic Coating Work Emotion Zr10s

    Getting my wheels ceramic coated before they get mounted with GTechNiq c5 Ceramic
  7. c.jizzle

    Tire Tech Question

    So I recently bought a set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S. 275/35/R19 100y front and 295/35/R19 104y in the rear. My question is does it matter that they're R? And not ZR? I thought any tires with a speed rating over 150mpg would have to be labeled ZR. (100Y has a speed rating of 186mph) So I'm...
  8. c.jizzle

    Fuel Range stopped working

    Yesterday I put in some gas and the fuel range monitor stopped working. The fuel gauge shows I have gas but the fuel range isn't registering. Anyone ever have this problem or know of a solution? I took it to the dealership and they said it might have been a sensor issue.
  9. c.jizzle

    Sport VS Performance VS Proto

    Found this in my glove box. For those of you saying "tHe OnLy diFFeRenCe WiTh tHe PeRfoRmAnCe iS LSD." 🥴
  10. c.jizzle

    Rebadged my 2023 Rosewood Metallic “Fairlady” Z 😎

    Finally got around to doing this. Took about 15 minutes. The adhesive on the Fairlady Z badge is really good. Removing the usdm Z badge was a cinch. A little fishing wire and a bit of goo gone and it was off without a trace. It's pretty sunny out so I didn't need a heat gun. All in all, the new...
  11. c.jizzle

    Please tell me there's a flex fuel kit for our cars 🥺

    This spot just opened five minutes from my house 🫠
  12. c.jizzle

    Big Z1 suspension upgrade arrived!

    Got some suspension goodies from Z1 today. Just making sure I have everything I need before I mount my Work Emotion Zr10 wheels 😁 -Z1 S-Pro Coilovers -Z1 Adjustable Rear Camber Arms -Z1 Adjustable Front Upper Control Arms -Z1 Adjustable Rear Traction Arms -Z1 Performance Front & Rear Sway Bars...
  13. c.jizzle

    Video: Ambient Lighting in Action

    I got the ambient lighting factory installed as a dealer option. It's a nice little touch. You can choose between 20 different colors. It's not very bright, you'd probably be better off getting something off Amazon.
  14. c.jizzle

    First rip in my Z using dragy

    First time ripping my Z and testing out my dragy. Forgot to put it in sport. Started a bit early and let off early (oncoming traffic). Just need more seat time.
  15. c.jizzle

    Work Emotion ZR10

    Got my new wheels for my Z today. Hella stoked! Now for the tires to arrive and I'll be set. Shout out to for the super fast delivery! Everything was in perfect condition. 😁 I'll post pics once they're mounted.
  16. c.jizzle

    Tire recommendations?

    So everyone that has driven a Z or watched some videos on the Z launching, knows the tires are crap. Too much spin. Does anyone have any recommendations for me? It rains a lot where I live but it does get sunny and warm some days. I do some spirited driving. My other car is a CTR so I'm used to...