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  1. Jah_Happy

    Can't believe I bought a Z!

    Thanks! After seeing yours and a few others on here, I was sold on white. Its stunning.
  2. Jah_Happy

    Can't believe I bought a Z!

    Mine also had this like 7 dollar NJ tire protection fee or something I can't remember, and the financing guy says "don't worry I'll take that off because you're in NY" lol!! Bless your heart the 7 bucks is gone woooo!!
  3. Jah_Happy

    How to search for a Z

    I know right? Just spin the wheel and see what number you get lol 😆
  4. Jah_Happy

    AMS Performance Tune

    After getting my Z, i will say its pretty quick and Ive been babying it until my break in period. I say this because Todd your car must absolutely fucking rip lol. Like I cant imagine how fast that thing is. Do you find it scary or am i being dramatic?
  5. Jah_Happy

    How to search for a Z

    Posted about this in my thread but if you see a Z you like, dont be afraid to call back multiple times. I had a few dealers give me completely different numbers on different days. Some were drastically different too.
  6. Jah_Happy

    I am now a owner of a 2023 Z

    Woo congrats!! Just picked mine up on Wednesday!
  7. Jah_Happy

    Can't believe I bought a Z!

    Thanks so much everyone! Im so damn excited lol. Ive been catching up on work but lets get into the details / story. Like many of you guys/gals, Ive been eyeing the Z since before the launch event. Ive shared many of your frustrations with the lanuch and the entire process, and ive been very...
  8. Jah_Happy

    Can't believe I bought a Z!

    Still pretty shocked honestly. Whole thing happened pretty fast. Have a 5 hour trip home and a LOT to share but I officially own it! 6mt with blue interior. More to come.... Edit: 2nd page, post #26 has my thoughts / details
  9. Jah_Happy

    EVEREST WHITE Nissan Z Color Pics & Club

    I see you removed the black spoiler. Both look great but I cant decide which one I like more. I wanted a blue car but every time I see white im like dayyyyum.
  10. Jah_Happy

    More Z's Land in California

    I was pretty shocked lol.
  11. Jah_Happy

    More Z's Land in California

    I actually saw a red one for the first time today on my lunch break! It's the first Z I've seen actually in the wild and not at a dealership. Not sure where they got it but it definitely wasn't from NY because I've been checking everywhere lol. It really caught my eye driving by, pretty...
  12. Jah_Happy

    RS Watanabe

    Saw these the other day as wel, they look pretty damn good. Price was reasonable too.
  13. Jah_Happy

    2024 Model Year?

    I started thinking about this as well. I can't imagine that many changes and I cant imagine how long it'll take to actually get one. Could be another 2 years......
  14. Jah_Happy

    Pricing released for facelifted 2024 GTR

    Nah, if they wanted 75k over that would be a Z.
  15. Jah_Happy

    Gamers gather here

    I played Necro first beta and it was easy mode haha. Tried Barb for server slam and although it was harder, it was still fun as hell. I think I'll go with Barb on launch and see where it takes me.
  16. Jah_Happy

    Gamers gather here

    I played D2 like crazy back in high-school and after playing a bit of the D4 beta, I'm hooked again lol. It's bringing back so many memories and its the exact feel of D2 I fell in love with. Can't wait to play the full game.
  17. Jah_Happy

    2023 BMW M2 vs Toyota Supra GR vs Nissan Z. Drag and Roll Race

    Yeah i really dont like the blue color, or the new styling in pictures to be honest lol, however I did get to see one in person with the carbon roof and it looks way better up close. Felt like it had more of a presence. I guess a lot of cars are like that, even the Z. They look so damn good in...
  18. Jah_Happy

    Is the Z bigger on the inside?

    Thanks! Do you daily yours? Im just wondering if it would feel claustrophobic as a daily. I cant even find a used one to sit in around here lol.
  19. Jah_Happy

    AMS Performance Tune

    With just those bolt ons, Id be pretty damn happy with those numbers. I bet the car feels incredible! 506 torque is no joke
  20. Jah_Happy

    Nissan dealers with and without mark ups

    Yes, every dealer I've called wants 10k over but most are 20-30k.