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  1. SilverStar

    Quad exhaust ARKANGEL Nissan Z body kit

    I'm fairly sure that is just a concept render, not an actual item you can purchase.
  2. SilverStar

    Salvage & Wrecked Z Registry

    Looks like that Z that got wrecked by the dealership back in August.
  3. SilverStar

    H&R lowering springs on lowered white 2023 Nissan Z + blacked out spoiler and katana blade

    The blacked out katana blade is absolutely an improvement over the stock chrome trim.
  4. SilverStar

    2023 Nissan Z Split-Grille Design Could Be Optional in Japan (Maybe US Too?)

    I see a ton of news articles about Japan getting the bumper as an option, yet the only source is some has-been blog based in the US that now looks incredibly sketchy. While I think it's a given that there will be special editions with different faces, I think it's unlikely that an American blog...
  5. SilverStar

    AMS Performance 2023 Nissan Z VR30 Intercoolers @ DSG Performance

    Can also order directly from the manufacturer. They have a few other Z stuff already, and are the ones making headlines with their power figures.