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  1. Maximus

    No spoiler….rebadged Fairlady Z deck lid 👍🏼

    Well for all of us peasants who bought a Sport and don’t have a factory spoiler, we need to go a different route. Until I decide on a spoiler I want, I eye-balled photos the best I could to place my Fairlady Z badge. Came out pretty good 👍🏼
  2. Maximus

    Talk about beauty in motion!

  3. Maximus

    AMS downpipes and ISR Exhaust installed - Video & Sounds

    AMS Full Race downpipes, ISR y-pipe and ISR Titanium exhaust. I wanted to get a cold start video but it’s too long and won’t upload. But it’s cool that when the car gets to idle, you can really hear the turbos. There is a drone in the car depending on your throttle percentage and a bit of a...
  4. Maximus

    Question on seat rails

    Planning on doing some Brides and was wondering if the new Z has the same floor bolt pattern as previous Z seats? Thanks
  5. Maximus

    FairladyZ badge looks cool but….

    Opened it up from the packaging all excited to get something new for the Z and immediately was like “huh”? I didn’t realize it had prongs for holes to be mounted….thought it would be double-sided tape
  6. Maximus

    Rocket Bunny duckbill wing without kit

    Ever since I had my S2000 back in the day I’ve always liked the look of a simple duckbill wing. Without getting too aggressive, I think the Rocket Bunny might be ok and work without the rest of the kit. Any other opinions? It kind of reminds me of the old school look (especially if it was paired...
  7. Maximus

    Full down pipes, y-pipe, cat back and ECUTEK Tune….how much to install?

    I understand the downpipes are a PITA to do and tuning takes some time. What would you expect to pay a shop to install and tune?
  8. Maximus

    ISR Titanium Exhaust and Y-Pipe just got delivered 👍🏼

    Can NOT WAIT to install this along with my AMS Race Full Downpipes
  9. Maximus

    Wife hooked it up with some car porn

    Well….car porn for the Z guys anyways 🤣👍🏼
  10. Maximus

    Remark Exhaust anybody?

    Well I was just notified by Z1 that my y-pipe won’t be here until the end of June which I’m not happy about. Does anybody have any experience with Remark? Their y-pipe is 2.5” rather than the 3” one from Z1 but from there, the Remark exhaust is 3” back. Do you think that 1/2” shortage in the...
  11. Maximus

    Stance Suspension?

    Anybody have experience with their product on another ride you might have / had? Looks like they have a set of Coilovers out for the new Z
  12. Maximus

    Just got some AMS goodness 👍🏼

    We all love seeing a cardboard box sitting outside the front door when we get home right? Can’t wait to install these with what I think is going to be a Z1 Cat-Back Single outlet Race Exhaust with their Y-Pipe
  13. Maximus

    Finally….installed my Nismo GT Titanium gear knob!

    What a pain in the ass to get the factory gear knob off! Took me and my buddy to hold the shifter itself with a pipe wrench so it didn’t spin and ruin the synchros and a strap wrench with rubber wrapped around the gear knob itself to get it off! Anyways super happy with the new gear knob. It’s...
  14. Maximus

    Any Z meets

    Are there any meets scheduled….or am I checking the wrong forum?
  15. Maximus

    Will these Volks wheels work on a new Z?

    Just took delivery of my Z last week and already am thinking about wheels (Volks). I was watching a video and thought I heard the guy say his wheels were 18x9+8 in the front and 18x10.5+15 in the rear. Does anybody know if it can fit those sizes without rubbing?
  16. Maximus

    Photoshop help…?

    New to this site but is there a forum to ask for some photoshop help? Thanks, Chris
  17. Maximus

    Break-in period

    I just picked up my Z the other night and was wondering what, if any, is the break-in period before I can really start to drive the car a little harder. Don’t mind the bow in the hood….lol Thanks, Chris
  18. Maximus

    Nismo GT Titanium gear knob

    Coincidentally my gear knob arrived from Japan yesterday as well as my Z! My question is: do you remove the factory gear knob on the new Z as it was removed on the 350 and 370? Thanks! Chris