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    How to watch the Z Compete in SRO GT4 America Round 1 APRIL 1-2
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    NISMO Matte Gun Black LM GT4 for the RZ34 Z

    Nissan Motor Sports & Customize Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture; President: Takao Katagiri; abbreviation: NMC) has launched a tuner-sized "LM GT4 Machining Logo Version" (new color matte gun black) will be on sale for a limited time. (Start of shipment: September) A...
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    2023 Nissan Z $1K MSRP Increase as of 3/3/2023

    $1K increase on all trims. sold or in transit to dealer cars before 3/3 are price protected Destination has increased by $70 Floor mats $10
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    Finely tuned for enthusiasts: the all-new Nissan Z

    U.S. engineering team’s final tweaks for the North American market Speed, precision, safety – developing a world-class sports car requires meticulous planning and countless hours of testing to ensure...
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    Dan Passe has left Nissan

    He took a Job with Nikola Motor Company. Ive known Dan since 2014 and was always a great friend at Nissan and real car guy. He always helped me out when he could and will miss such a great contact. Got invited to NY in 2016 and was able to meet Tamura-San because of him. I know some of...
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    Best Car Japan reports NISMO Z delayed to Calendar Year 2024
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    Anyone doing personalized plates?

    I know personalized plates in the Z community have been a thing. Ive got a few weeks to decide on one and I think im getting "5BA-RZ34" whats everyone else planning on?
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    Does K&N not make a drop in filter for the Z yet?

    Q60 dont fit? airbox is a different shape right? starting to gather some parts for the Z and couldnt find them
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    FASTX Trailer

    Dom vs Aquaman looks even worse than I thought it would be. :oops: this has become a delusional vin diesel vanity project for years now also the trailer didnt even show either of the new Z's that are supposed to be featured in it ( Hans veilside and the green Z that was spied during...
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    Nissan R33 NISMO 400R

    sharing a few videos of one of my favorite cars of all time. I believe 30 of them made and have recently sold at auction for well over a Million. Its a true unicorn car current nissan super GT 500 driver reviewing the car walk around with Larry Chen Another walkaround for TorqueTV
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    Intro from Matt (MC)

    this is Matt McCulloh. Im founder of NAGTROC/GTRLIFE. Ive been lucky enough to be in the Nissan enthusiast community for 20 years now. some of you might remember me from as I got my start there from 2004-2007 before co-founding the North American GTR Owners Club (NAGTROC)...
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    Nissan Z GT4 2023 SRO Pirelli GT4 America Series June 16th - 18th || Virginia International Raceway, VA

    It was announced last week that Nissan is returning the motorsports in the US running two GT4s in the SRO Pirelli GT4 America Series. These car will compete in June at VIR. I have a long standing relationship with the track marketing team. Our owners club rented the track for GTR...