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  1. ZDreamer

    Proto Z sells for $63k on Bring-a-Trailer

    But all Protos >MSRP are sold as 2nd owner. First owner is the dealership which is how they all circumvent the MSRP w/o being penalized by the car makers.
  2. ZDreamer

    Nissan credit rating

    I think you're saying the quiet part out loud.... lol
  3. ZDreamer

    Nissan credit rating

    They’ll be back up with ESG plan.
  4. ZDreamer

    Dan Passe has left Nissan

    I'm surprised that Nissan was able to produce >1000 units for the US market. I thought they were going to quit after 1000 units or that they have an ingenious plan to keep the volume low for rarity. Someone should throw a rock into their HQ with a note saying, "stop making the SUV/CUV and focus...
  5. ZDreamer

    New Mazda Platform w/ inline 6

    Imagine this new platform, I6 with 8spd AT (no torque converter), on this Mazda coupe concept below:
  6. ZDreamer

    2023 Nissan Z are finally starting to roll into dealerships

    doesn't matter. I think the Nissan Z gonna be rare cars considering they can only make about 80-90cars a month for USA for the last half-year.
  7. ZDreamer

    Nissan Z vs Toyota Supra

    I can only afford the Sport Z at the moment, so Supra is out of the picture. If you have the dough, get the Supra 3.0+. Right now, there's so much aftermarket support for the B58TU engine. The B58TU only been around since 2018, much younger than the VR30, but the community is...
  8. ZDreamer

    2020 Toyota Supra makes world debut

    Color almost matched ... lol
  9. ZDreamer

    Stop Sale on Manual transmission 2023 Z

    Lol... that's all the MT they made so far?!? At this rate, I prolly won't be able to get one until 2024.... lol
  10. ZDreamer

    Panda Motorworks 2023 Nissan Z Calibrated on EcuTek Tuning Software - Dyno Results

    sounds like it. Just hope they don't do like what Toyota did, lock it up after 1 MY.
  11. ZDreamer

    My tuner bought a Z

    what's his long-term plan for the VR30 platform?
  12. ZDreamer

    $$$ the economy thread $$$

    Was that on top of the "Price is Right discount game" you played? I financed at CU for the last 4 cars and all under 2%, but that was at least 4yrs old.
  13. ZDreamer

    Chris Forsberg is parting out a new Z

    thanks for the correction. next build gonna be good
  14. ZDreamer

    Chris Forsberg is parting out a new Z

    He gutted everything to a rolling chassis. Engine and tranny is listed FS
  15. ZDreamer

    Chris Forsberg is parting out a new Z

    For the second time, the dude ditches the VR30 engine. This is not good sign for the Z community. The Supra community embraced the non-Toyota engine at all levels of competition. What does Chris understand about VR30 that we don't know? Is it an inferior engine to the Surpa/B58TU?
  16. ZDreamer

    What's in the news today... (NO COVID / POLITICS)

    Officially lost our balls
  17. ZDreamer

    My shiny new thing!

    Do they make them in 1/4"?
  18. ZDreamer

    The Movie Review Thread

    Taking my kids to see Mario for sure!! But if I get the Z by that time, the favorite child can go... lol US release date: April 7, 2023
  19. ZDreamer

    1st gen Acura NSX appeciation thread

    Youtuber prolly grabbed it for contents
  20. ZDreamer

    My shiny new thing!

    tiling and glued-down wood flooring is hard on the knees. Been there done it, no thanks!!