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  1. TaroBaapG35

    NISMO Matte Gun Black LM GT4 for the RZ34 Z

    Hands down best OE Nismo wheels. If only I had a Z to put these on...
  2. TaroBaapG35

    More allocations coming to US?

    This dealer was the only one in NC that I spoke to late last year that was going to offer MSRP near Summer 2023 on new orders vs cars that were allocated to them. I'm going to hit them up later this year once they get some better inventory (6MT FTW!)
  3. TaroBaapG35

    2023 Nissan Z Reviews Are In (Compiled List Inside)

    Yea I can't be one to judge. I went full BMW lol. And yea Z has dropped the ball hard.
  4. TaroBaapG35

    2023 Nissan Z Reviews Are In (Compiled List Inside)

    yea, I'm disappointed he went the Supra MT Route. after hyping the Z up so much. Nothing against the Supra, but damn. Another one bites the dust.
  5. TaroBaapG35

    Nismo Z test mules spotted in AZ

    Hopefully there are a few more upgrades vs the previous 370z/Nismo changes since this will probably cost another ~$8k on top the performance spec exceeding '23 Supra MT prices.
  6. TaroBaapG35

    Z1 Motorsports showing off a line up of new Zs!

    That white is sexyyy!!
  7. TaroBaapG35

    Fast Intentions 2023+ Nissan Z TDX 2.5" Cat Back Exhaust System

    You'll be happy with the exhaust if you enjoy the VQ/VR engine sound. I had the VQ version, and only made that exhaust upgrade due to the fact that the exhaust sound got deeper (a'la 350z/G35 OEM + sound). Just watch out for the tips yellowing (not sure if this has been remedied since 'the 2016...
  8. TaroBaapG35

    A buyer dropped out - their loss is my gain (or my loss also $)... introducing my Black Diamond Nissan Z Performance!

    Beautiful spec! Congrats on the purchase! and in entire honesty, the $5k markup isnt bad considering how used cars (not high demand cars) are still running an average of $3-5k over anyway.
  9. TaroBaapG35

    Wax or other paint coating recommendations?

    BEST prosumer Ceramic Coating that I have used and highly recommend is Gtechniq CSL + EVO. This is by far the best ceramic coating (assuming you are going to take care of the coating during each wash by using a spray sealant "topper"). If not, then you can do Gyeon Cancoat (~3-6month coating)...
  10. TaroBaapG35

    Z1 Motorsports has received their shop Nissan Z!

    Wow..its hilarious that as soon as I buy a different car, dealers and shops are getting their non-proto specs in...😭
  11. TaroBaapG35

    AMS Performance Nissan Z up to 719 WHP and runs 9.92s @ 137mph quarter mile!

    100 octane, Heat Exchanger/Intercooler, Full Down Pipes and 500WHp on need to see how far they can go with 93octane
  12. TaroBaapG35

    My shiny new thing!

    Welp...I'm out of the Z Game.. for a bit. But super excited for the new beeasshht!! Bye bye beautiful Audi... Hello psycho Beemer!! p.s..don't mind the snap text Gotta get some fun in for my asian peeps
  13. TaroBaapG35

    Why the 2023 Nissan Z exhaust is so "quiet"

    Wasn't Nissan's reason for the manual being quiet the fact that most MT owners will switch it out? Its of course also cost cutting on their part for margin
  14. TaroBaapG35

    Petition: Where’s my Z

    Yea, I mean the dealer knows they got me since the spec is the ONLY one in the country for sale currently; the other similar spec was sold for the same price just 2 days ago (was on the market for 10 days). So they're lowballing me $5k on the trade (Which is still +$7k then other...
  15. TaroBaapG35

    Petition: Where’s my Z

    The Z was always a dream to want to get new and soon since I'd want to keep the audi. Also the markups are outrageous so not gonna be in the market for a MSRP z until a year minimum. Add to this wife and I are thinking of starting a family so can't think about 2 door or my audi with its loud...
  16. TaroBaapG35

    Petition: Where’s my Z

    Yea, I think I'm out of the Z game..unfortunately. I would love one soon, but doubtful we'll see many performance spec in peoples hands soon. After this past Saturday, I'm looking at completely different vehicle/brand and if all works out (fingers crossed) I'll be out of the Z game for ~3 years...
  17. TaroBaapG35

    TJ Hunt's Nissan Z Delivery & SEMA Build

    Yup. New Nissan logo in key. Plus he has the other Nissans.. Looks like all the influencers are picking up the protos...
  18. TaroBaapG35

    2023 Nissan Z are finally starting to roll into dealerships

    Nice Pics! You guys selling at MSRP? :D
  19. TaroBaapG35

    Automatic transmission Z is part of Nissan recall & stop sale campaign

    Only 165 units Z's affected; Not bad at all. Fix also seems to be good, and I think everyone should use the parking brake regardless of an issue or not...
  20. TaroBaapG35

    2023 Nissan Z are finally starting to roll into dealerships

    They'll show selling at sticker, until you call them about the car. They'll then tell you the real price of the car, and like for me, they told me the car is being sold in auction style.