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  1. Georges1

    Homage to Earlier Z Cars

    I still love driving my ‘72
  2. Georges1

    How to search for a Z

    Thanks. Good info. Appreciate you sharing this.
  3. Georges1

    Carbon bits and pieces being released by RSW Japan - first looks

    Yes. Gives owners some options to customize to their liking.
  4. Georges1

    How to search for a Z

    Thanks for the info. I’m in the Houston area. Nice breakdown of your likes & dislikes. I missed out on a blue one just south of Houston. It was a Performance Blue/black int. MT. Mark up was minimal and up front. I have a Nissan dealer 5 mins from my house. They got a black AT Sports model...
  5. Georges1

    How to search for a Z

    Thanks. Seeing Rosewood also. Nissan may be doing color runs & a red run is upcoming. My ‘73 240 was Red w/black interior so it would be cool if I find a red one. Blue & Yellow are cool also.
  6. Georges1

    How to search for a Z

    Has anyone seen a red (not rosewood) Z for sale in the US? I remember one of the guys in Canada got one. Seems like black and of course yellow with the Protos‘s have been the prominent colors. I would love to see the orange as shown on the prototype Nismo Z as one of the colors.
  7. Georges1

    2023 Nissan Z $1K MSRP Increase as of 3/3/2023

    A price increase does not surprise me, and another $1k for newer builds is pretty much what other manufacturers are doing. We purchased a 2023 Jeep Cherokee in November with a September build date. I went to the dealer for my first oil change last week and saw the exact same vehicle, however the...
  8. Georges1

    Stripe package for the new Z

    The ‘69 Z/28 rocks with stripes
  9. Georges1

    Nissan dealers with and without mark ups

    Glad to see some of the ridiculous mark ups seem to be coming down to less ridiculous mark ups. They don’t realize that making a few bucks from someone who will bite will come back to haunt them later. Many of us have been waiting a long time with some buying other cars, some paying whatever...
  10. Georges1

    New Z vs 240Z

    Seeing the old Z’s with the new ones is very cool. The 240’s are timeless. My ‘73. was the same red color of the one in the photo. It would look different at night under lights. Let’s hope more new ones get built & on the road.
  11. Georges1

    More allocations coming to US?

    Fortunately, there are plenty of dealers who are not greedy. But the dealers that are certainly are ones I won’t do business with. They might make a good profit from a big mark up, but the bad references both in writing & by word of mouth will hurt sales of their other vehicles. I can live...
  12. Georges1

    More allocations coming to US?

    Good luck. I was able to see a black AT sport at my local dealer. Looked very nice & I can see why you like that combination. since it was a sport model it took 3 days to sell. A lot of searching will be making the right call, seeing the right ad, or being at the right place at the right time...
  13. Georges1

    More allocations coming to US?

    Sorry you could not get the car. I thought the blue was really nice, but want to wait until I can order one so I get the exact factory options I want. I will be curious to see if any of the others on the forum who are from here in TX were able to snag it.
  14. Georges1

    When do you upshift (6MT)?

    I would not load up the engine at lower speeds. When I drive my 240 I shift around 3,500-5,000 RPM’s and let my ear and the way the car is feeling tell me to move to a different gear. When I get on the 240 I shift around 6,500 RPM. I will drive the new Z using the “feel” of the engine & car in...
  15. Georges1

    More allocations coming to US?

    A black Sport model came in to my local dealer in the Houston area. I was able to get a good look, sit in it, & take pics. When I asked about ordering, the answer was “I don’t know if you will be able to order & we may not get any more until the 2024 model”. That was a little deflating. However...
  16. Georges1

    Break-in period

    i think it is better to be safe even though some owners will let it fly from the start. I have always taken it a little easy on any vehicles I have purchased, including hard braking (unless some idiot pulls out in front of you). We recently purchased a new Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit and I could...
  17. Georges1

    Zs are already being resold...

    Does not surprise me about the flipping. I will be curious to see if someone pays in the $79Krange for one of the Protos. Still waiting to see one at Mecum or B J and a couple of drunk guys bid against each other ending up paying a ridiculous price. It is bound to happen.
  18. Georges1

    Picked up 2023 Nissan Z Performance 6 speed in Boulder Gray / Blue suede/leather!

    Looks really nice. I was not sure about that color, but seeing it in the pics shows how good it looks. If you get the opportunity, share some interior pics. Congratulations
  19. Georges1

    After 11½ months of waiting finally came in! Passion Red Z Delivery 🙌

    Very Nice. Thx for the pics. I like the red color with the black interior. Have fun & safe travels.
  20. Georges1

    Z Proto Spec Limited Edition Folios - Surprise Ownership Documentation Gift

    I think we all agree a plate would have been a great item to install on each car. The folio is definitely cool. Nice touch & I’m sure you were happily surprised when it showed up.