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  1. bpeckham

    How to search for a Z

    Overlapping zip codes!
  2. bpeckham

    Securing Cargo in the Z

    My daily-driver G37 has a trunk with a cargo net. This is quite practical as I can store my laptop securely. No one can see it, and it doesn't fly around on my drive to work. The Z has a hatch instead of a trunk, and no net. So, what's the best method to prevent somebody from smashing the Z's...
  3. bpeckham

    Is "Super Black" a wrap?

    In another thread, there's a discussion about the rear hatch of two-tone cars being wrapped rather than painted. Can any Z owners confirm?
  4. bpeckham

    Homage to Earlier Z Cars

    I've seen a lot of reviews that mention the homage to earlier generation Z cars. The hood and the headlights. The tail lights. But what about those exterior door handles? Does the Z pay homage to the 350Z and 370Z with the vertically hinged exterior door handles, or is it simply parts bin?
  5. bpeckham

    When do you upshift (6MT)?

    In normal everyday driving, when do you upshift? Looking at the owner manual, it seems like the suggested upshift speeds (even for quick acceleration) are pretty tame. 6th gear at 37mph? Really? The "quick acceleration" upshift speeds in the owner manual are what I'd call normal...
  6. bpeckham

    Cell phone GPS reception

    My current ride is from 2012. It doesn't have Android Auto, but I use my phone to navigate. It gets pretty good GPS reception sitting on top of the cup holders under the sun roof. For all you Z owners out there: how's your GPS reception with no sun roof and your phone tucked into the spot next...
  7. bpeckham

    Fancy Fuel Filler Door

    What do folks think of an Audi TT style fuel filler door that matches the Katana trim? Might look pretty nice on the Z.