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  1. trackratZ

    2023 Nissan Z Reviews Are In (Compiled List Inside)

    Decent analysis, just about the same issue with the 370Z with C&D testing years back! "When I jumped back in the car my foot was hitting the floor on braking. The brake fluid was cooked. "
  2. trackratZ

    Z suspension failed on R&T Performance Car of the Year

    After addressing, tires, brakes, fluids right away, I plan on baselines at track/circuit events here, 5-7 per year - Willow Springs, Buttonwillow, Laguna Seca, etc. Later coilovers, aero, but engine mods last. Want to see how this thing handles with best suspension and tires which I'm sure won't...
  3. trackratZ

    Z suspension failed on R&T Performance Car of the Year

    Ouch! Ouch! For those planning to track it, definitely susp, brake and tire upgrades needed. Not a good showing here.
  4. trackratZ

    Nissan Z "T-spec" Rendering Flaunts 2024 Nissan GT-R Design Cues

    Nicely done! Integrates well, love the fender creases, and the low-deck rear wing/spoiler looks damn good also!
  5. trackratZ

    AP Racing Big Brake Kit BBK installed on 2023 Nissan Z by SOHO Motorsports

    AP and Stoptech are both proven setups. I sure hope just because these don't change much from the 370Z offering that pricing won't be jacked up. No ADMs pleeeeease.
  6. trackratZ

    Random Car News Thread

    Even first-year Miatas had the most problems, such great cars though still! Now onto the new Z.....yikes!!
  7. trackratZ

    Tesla Cybertruck Production Now Reportedly Pushed Back To Q1 2023

    If it fits thru here I might get one.....NOT :rolleyes: Easy peasy with Gladys
  8. trackratZ

    2023 Nissan Z are finally starting to roll into dealerships

    Basically it, yes! It looks like those who purchased manuals, for the most part, had to return them for transmission replacements.
  9. trackratZ

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Current rides?

    Well, I'm also looking for a particular muscle car because of a) had actual Trans Am history with Dan Gurney, and b) mom had one years ago, family nostalgia. Not easy to find in clean unmolested condition. Planning to restomod it. 1967-68 Mercury Cougar XR-7 or GT, manual trans a MUST. Don't...
  10. trackratZ

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Current rides?

    Hyundai and Kia make just about the best cars nowadays, with killer tech and very attractive stylings! I really like the EV6, so futuristic. Congrats, that's a beauty.
  11. trackratZ

    BOULDER GRAY Nissan Z Color Pics & Club

    Congrats!! Seriously still the best color IMO. Keep us updated on planned upgrades.
  12. trackratZ

    Nissan News Thread

    Hmmm 🤔 "About 17,000 miles separate the magnetic North Pole from the magnetic South Pole, and the Ariya will need to conquer some incredibly difficult roads to make the trip — deep snow, steep mountain roads, and scorching-hot deserts are on the menu. Working jointly with Nissan engineers...
  13. trackratZ

    Stop Sale on the Z -- for Paint and Headlamps (as of Jan 18)

    Good they're addressing the issue even though you're not experiencing driveability problems. They will replace the entire transmission? Take note of the current serial number. I wonder if they're fixing production number batches up to a certain point. Hope it's a painless experience for you...
  14. trackratZ

    Intro from Matt (MC)

    I started with that other forum when interested in the new Z. However, there so many issues there, with my posts and the plagiarizing of stuff! I noticed you were there also. Bottom line is, I'm so glad this forum community is so much more professional and chill, great group! By the way...
  15. trackratZ

    Nissan News Thread

    Nissan teases new EV concept debuting this week: Tune in and Max Out...
  16. trackratZ

    SPL Performance Suspension Parts - 2023+ Nissan Z (RZ34)

    All the same parts for 370Z etc. re-categorized for the new Z, same suspension.
  17. trackratZ

    ARK Performance - single exit exhaust for Nissan Z

    I doubt a single exhaust, probably just prototyping. On the Z34 it's double. Waiting to see their final product, bet it'll sound great! FI's product is too quiet so far.
  18. trackratZ

    Does anyone have a Z yet?

    Not the Covid part, but actual 2022 build dates with VINs, can't be that many. Wait 50 yrs!!
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    Only interested bec of cool livery and history (Impul), Nissan took the GT 500 crown 2022!
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    Looks functional at 150 mph ;)