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  1. Heavy Dupree

    AP Racing Big Brake Kit BBK installed on 2023 Nissan Z by SOHO Motorsports

    SOHO's Z exhaust might be meh, but they have great taste in brakes. Claiming -40 lbs unsprung weight savings: -12 lbs per front corner savings, -5 lbs "or so" per corner off the rear.
  2. Heavy Dupree

    SPL Performance Suspension Parts - 2023+ Nissan Z (RZ34)
  3. Heavy Dupree

    Z1 Feal 2023+ Nissan Z R-Pro True Style Coilovers Spring Rates: Front - 16k Rear - 8k Features: Standard with Swift springs! 30-Way adjustable...
  4. Heavy Dupree

    ARK Performance - single exit exhaust for Nissan Z

    Looks like they are going the single pipe route on the Z, unless this is just a photo-op, proof of concept prototype. I couldn't find any other official posts from them since this one in December.
  5. Heavy Dupree

    A'PEXi RS EVO Extreme exhaust w/ video on 2023 Nissan Z
  6. Heavy Dupree

    AMS Performance VR30 Nissan Z Port Injection Lower Manifold

    They kind of snuck this one in on us...
  7. Heavy Dupree

    Tein lowering spring install on 2023 Nissan Z by SOHO Motorsports

    Take away point: The rear springs on the new Z are identical to those in the 370Z. Up front, springs and struts need to be swapped. Top strut (black) off of the new Z vs 370 (silver) on the bottom.
  8. Heavy Dupree

    Bonnie & Clyde Racing - New shop Z A2A conversion

    I am aware that B&C Racing in South St Pete is one of two vendors selling an air-to-air conversion for the VR30. I'm also aware that they took a fair amount of flack on a couple months ago (October 2022)...
  9. Heavy Dupree

    2023 Nissan Z STILLEN Cat-Back Exhaust Sound Clips | Street Series After months of exhaustive testing the team determined that the best design starts with a stainless steel flange precision tig welded to 2.5” tubes leading into a CNC bent and CNC...
  10. Heavy Dupree

    HKS Nissan Z at Toyko Auto Salon 2023

    Edit: fixed 1-15-23
  11. Heavy Dupree

    Fast Intentions 2023+ Nissan Z TDX 2.5" Cat Back Exhaust System
  12. Heavy Dupree

    aFe POWER 2023 Nissan Z 3.0L(tt) Takeda Cat-Back Exhaust

    Another H-pipe design, interesting that aFe chose to eliminate the X-pipe merge in their Q-series lieup.
  13. Heavy Dupree

    Cat-Back Exhaust System By MAPerformance
  14. Heavy Dupree

    Z1 Motorsport's 2023+ Nissan Z Carbon Fiber Radiator Air Guide Nice piece, but why didn't they install their hood struts while dressing up the engine bay? (Those airboxes are not yet listed on their website)
  15. Heavy Dupree

    Video: Out Of Spec Reviews, Nov 12

    Nothing new here exactly, just more eye candy...