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  1. Andaesthetics

    Nissan Z "T-spec" Rendering Flaunts 2024 Nissan GT-R Design Cues

    This looks 143% better than the current front bumper on the Z. And it looks like it could realistically work from a functionality standpoint as well for cooling and aerodynamics.
  2. Andaesthetics

    Stop Sale on the Z -- for Paint and Headlamps (as of Jan 18)

    That is normal. My 370Z has similar rubber tabs between the headlight and bumper as well.
  3. Andaesthetics

    Z1 Motorsports showing off a line up of new Zs!

    Don't know, maybe a strongly worded letter to Nissan's PR team will speed up customer deliveries. 🤣 Otherwise you're gonna be waiting to get one unless you pay over MSRP or have a close relationship with a dealer.
  4. Andaesthetics

    Z1 Motorsports showing off a line up of new Zs!

    If for some reason any of you folks are unfamiliar with Z1, get familiar. They are the leading aftermarket manufacturer when it comes to the Z platform (VQ or VR in general). I believe at least 4 of them are their shop cars. They're already offering some nice aftermarket stuff, expect much more...
  5. Andaesthetics

    A buyer dropped out - their loss is my gain (or my loss also $)... introducing my Black Diamond Nissan Z Performance!

    Honestly I think Black Diamond is my favorite color. I am jealous, congrats.
  6. Andaesthetics

    Nissan Z vs Toyota Supra

    I disagree with this. I don't understand how some of you folks keep comparing the C8 to the Supra and Z. The C8 is a whole class above. The C8 is a MID ENGINE sports car. With that comes much higher expenses it terms of outright cost of the car, maintenance, insurance, and repairs. Overall it's...
  7. Andaesthetics

    KUHL Racing Nissan Z

    Maybe unpopular opinion butttt body colored roof > black roof.
  8. Andaesthetics

    R35 Nissan GT-R Thread

    Cool body kit I guess...
  9. Andaesthetics

    Dealerships have no shame

    Your area must be smoking crack. In PA within 200 miles of me I've been seeing some crazy and very tempting deals on 2019+ Q60 Red Sport 400s. Here's a few, namely this 2021 with 523 MILES going for $42k. And no that's not a typo they have a pic the dash odometer. VERY tempting (Unless they're...
  10. Andaesthetics

    (Markup Thread) NorCal dealer called this morning said 2 yellow proto manual and auto are in

    Front lips and other easy bolt-on aero parts are usually installed by the dealer after delivery. Usually to avoid damage during transportation. That is common.
  11. Andaesthetics

    Behind the Design: Nissan Z Proto

    370Z owner here, it's actually not big, pretty much average size. The new Z is definitely much larger.
  12. Andaesthetics

    Nissan Z vs Toyota Supra

    Funny thing is, when I first voted on the poll I voted for the Z. Now after the new Z has been revealed, reviews came out, real life testing was done, and all the dust has settled, I'm leaning much more to the Supra. Performance wise, no brainer the Supra. Price wise, for the money I'd take a...
  13. Andaesthetics

    [PIC] TOP SECRET Japan shows teaser of their custom Z with aftermarket parts

    Looks like they have a carbon fiber front splitter, hood, fender vents, and wing, as well as aftermarket wheels and obviously a wrap. Looks pretty damn clean, definitely the best aftermarket front splitter I've seen so far.
  14. Andaesthetics

    2023 Lotus Emira

    That's a proper sports car. And I'm sure worth every dollar. Imagine if they made a mid-engine Z. If only Nissan had the funds and the balls..
  15. Andaesthetics

    Best looks at the 2023 Z undercarriage

    Nissan in a nutshell. Cutting costs to produce cars with the bare minimum and then charging premium costs. I truly feel bad for anyone that has paid over MSRP for the new Z. Heck, for what you get from factory it ain't even worth MSRP.
  16. Andaesthetics

    Nissan Z SUV ??? (Fairlady X)

    The real reason why there hasn't been many Zs produced is because Nissan said, "F*ck it" and started turning it into an SUV instead. 🤣🤣🤣 Just kidding I have no idea who created this monstrosity.
  17. Andaesthetics

    Nismo Z prototype spied testing in the U.S.

    Based on the Performance trim price I'm guessing something like $59,599. At least.
  18. Andaesthetics

    Nismo Z prototype spied testing in the U.S.

    Interesting. Definitely has different body panels as expected. That bottom entire rear definitely appears to be changed. Looks like it has an "F1 style" brake light now as well. Can tell the front is different as well just looking at the bottom corner piece. Interested to see it's reveal and...
  19. Andaesthetics

    For the love of (preferred deity)!

    TheTopher just took delivery of his new Honda Civic Type R. Let me repeat that. The new Honda Civic Type R is ALREADY getting delivered and it was JUST officially announced months ago. What a damn joke Nissan is with this rollout.
  20. Andaesthetics

    2022 BMW 2-Series Coupe G42 Leaked! + M2

    Exactly. And these other cars are actually NEW cars that are using brand new or heavily updated engines, new transmissions, new technologies, new and improved interiors with premium materials. The "new" Z is barely a new car. The ENTIRE car uses parts that have been used in other cars that have...