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  1. Caleb@PandaMotorworks

    MAPerformance Cat Back Exhaust - Install and Sounds on 2023 Nissan Z [VIDEO]

    In this video, we take a close look at the MAPerformance Cat Back Exhaust System for the 2023 Nissan Z. This exhaust features a specially engineered cross-flow design muffler that improves exhaust flow and increases horsepower and torque of your Nissan Z. We'll be walking you through the...
  2. Caleb@PandaMotorworks

    Air Lift Performance 3P Air Ride Kit NOW AVAILABLE!

    Drop your 2023+ Nissan Z to ground with the Air Lift Performance 2023+ Nissan Z 3P Air Ride Kit! This is a complete kit and comes with everything you need to Bag your Nissan Z! Air Lift Performance 2023+ Nissan Z 3P Air Ride Kit Front Kit 93mm/3.7" Drop 30-Level Adjustable Damping...
  3. Caleb@PandaMotorworks

    Diode Dynamics Interior LED Bulbs Upgrade!

    We replaced our stock Incandescent bulbs, with Diode Dynamics LEDs! This is a fast way to modernize the interior of your Nissan Z, like how it should have come from the factory. These bulbs give you better visibility and have a much longer life than the stock lighting. Map Lights - For the Map...
  4. Caleb@PandaMotorworks

    Unveiling the Panda Motorworks Nissan Z! [VIDEO]

    Tuning video coming soon!
  5. Caleb@PandaMotorworks

    PandaTuned: What Should It Mean To You?

    With Z tuning right around the corner, we thought we would share our tuning philosophy with the Z community. Find out what it means to be #PandaTuned: When it comes to upgrading your vehicle, you will need a tune to get the most out of the modifications you install. With this comes many...
  6. Caleb@PandaMotorworks

    *Exclusive* Nissan Z Club Discount Code

    We are excited to extend a discount code to NCZ members for! The discount code will be good for 5% off your order, and it has no limits on how many times it can be used! Some restrictions may apply. Simply use the code "ZClub" at checkout to receive the discount! As this...