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  1. jdm-rhd

    Forum Stats - Milestones reached for NissanZClub Community

    sticker needs to read... "waiting on the 400z"
  2. jdm-rhd

    Nissan News Thread

    my first new vehicle was a 1990 hardbody pickup, then a used a few years later. bought a 2004 or 05 frontier new then a used 350z...
  3. jdm-rhd

    Nissan News Thread

    i guess the good news in nissan dragging their heals on the Z launch is that all of us waiting didn't have out personal info comprised 😂
  4. jdm-rhd

    2023 Nissan Z Split-Grille Design Could Be Optional in Japan (Maybe US Too?)

    if we do get that grill in the usa, it will probably be on the nismo. were used to seeing it now, but that grill design is still a topic for the casual car enthusiast
  5. jdm-rhd

    Nissan Z vs Toyota Supra

    that would be a site... a new c8 flying down the road with top off and a mullet blowing in the wind
  6. jdm-rhd

    Z available… customer backed out last minute

    well no wonder they backed out...
  7. jdm-rhd

    >>>awesome engine swaps thread<<<

    @71zman glad you posted those pics. i remember seeing that build a while back and being impressed on how clean it looks. first time seeing the model a that a current project?
  8. jdm-rhd

    >>>awesome engine swaps thread<<<

    post up vids, pics, or builds of engine swaps you've done or others you have seen that are worth checking out. thought some of these gtr build were pretty rad...
  9. jdm-rhd

    Should I buy this Z?

    is there a set across the board price for this package, or is it at dealers descretion? is there any wiggle room?
  10. jdm-rhd

    What's in the news today... (NO COVID / POLITICS)

    so good...i had to watch it twiced!
  11. jdm-rhd

    Texas members gather here...

    were you still planning to pick up a c8 instead of the Z?
  12. jdm-rhd

    Texas members gather here...

    ^ do what? 😬
  13. jdm-rhd

    Toyota Presents World Debut of the New 2022 GR 86

    bunta's review is in...
  14. jdm-rhd

    The Movie Review Thread

    theres more lol...
  15. jdm-rhd

    HKS Nissan Z at Toyko Auto Salon 2023

    would love to see this bodykit on other Z colors...
  16. jdm-rhd

    Who else wants fender mirrors????

    i think the new Z can pull off the look....i dig it